Puerto Rican Cultural Night is TOMORROW!

Hey all!


Looking for something to do tomorrow? Well look no further ‘cuz I already have plans for you!

You’re going to come to our annual Puerto Rican Cultural Night hosted by the Puerto Rican Student Association!

If you have no idea what the night is all about, you can see my posts from previous year here, where I talk about all sorts of amazing things about the night, our preparation for it, our dance, the music, everything!

Every year, this night is something us Puerto Ricans from the association look forward to. Since school started, we’ve been preparing the dance we’re presenting, the clothes we’re going to be wearing, etc. It’s a lot of work, and the days before the activity goes on are always a little stressful. However, the whole experience is also so rewarding!

Join us this year for our Puerto Rican Cultural Night!

It will take place this Saturday from 7pm-10pm in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union

We will have a special guest, Juan Dalmau, leader of the Puerto Rican Independent Political Party.

There will be food, music, dances and much more!

And the best part yet, it is completely FREE!

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