Study Abroad? Yes, Please!

With all of the events that have been happening on campus these past couple of weeks–Study Abroad Fair, Tour the World, Info Sessions, etc.–it really got me thinking about studying abroad!

My idea of this vaguely started last year…but it was never definite. Now that I’m learning another language–German–I want to explore, explore, and explore! Of course, I’m already studying abroad, but if there’s the opportunity to go overseas to where I’ve never been before, get some more cultural knowledge, visit new places, meet some awesome people…I will definitely say yes!

A friend and I were representing the Society of International Engineers last week during a senior visitation (hosted by the College of Engineering) by central campus along a lot of other engineering clubs. Basically, we explained how the organization welcomes exchange and international students, and people who have or plan to study abroad! My friend has gone to Germany and Scotland, and just hearing him talk about his experience to others made me realize that I want to go abroad as soon as I can! I’ll see if I can go next summer or something like that…and later on, go for a full semester.

Guys, if you are planning on studying abroad or have some questions about it…talk to people who have studied abroad and they’ll get you excited! They’ll let you know pretty much what you want and need to know. Plus, if they’ve gone to the same place you’re planning to go, PERFECT! Your life is complete, haha! Also, refer to the ISU Study Abroad Center for more information about their programs!

As my friend said, we are living and we will keep on living in a global world. Even in an office, we will not be working in a cubicle with people from Kansas, Minnesota, Texas…we will be working with people from all over the world, and getting that experience beforehand is a wonderful opportunity to broaden your horizons. And you know what? Employers are looking for people like that. People who can blend in a society full of different cultures and people who are able to get that point of view.

So, think about it! Do you want to try and study abroad? Because I do.

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