Things I’m Thankful For: ISU Edition

November just passed right by us. Break is over, classes started again…and WOW, finals are so close now!

Over break, I had time to think about what I was thankful for…and so many things popped into my head. Of course, I have the obvious things such as family, friends, health, etc…so I don’t want to bore you with those. What I want to share with you are Iowa State related moments or things that helped me discover, meet, love, learn, etc. So here it goes, in no specific order!

1- My first roommate. I had no idea of anything before coming to Iowa State, and I was assigned a random roommate my freshman year in the dorms! Being from elsewhere, I was heavily warned about all the bad-random-roommate stereotypes and whatnot. Now, we’re really good friends, and her family is practically my home away from home family. You don’t even know how much easier the transition to college has been because of this. Thanks, Rachel!


2- My Academic Adviser. I lost count of how many times I’ve been in her office. Many, many struggles, and she has been there to help me and guide me through my major and minor freak outs. Thank you, Deb!

3- Venezuelans. Turns out I was not the only one from Venezuela coming to ISU my freshman year. We were able to find each other in a matter of days and we’ve been together ever since. Thanks for being that little reminder of home!

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4- That bad professor. Somehow, no matter what I tried, there was no way I could learn properly with this professor. And that made me work extra hard on homework and reviewing the material. Contrary to popular belief, I’m thankful for this push.

5- ISU AfterDark. Friday entertainment, guys! I’m pretty sure the first event I attended on campus was an ISU AfterDark Friday. This was the first club I was involved in, and the people I’ve met through it are really something, haha. Now I will serve on the executive board and bring you guys some fun activities next semester! Thank you, AfterDark, for letting me meet this unique set of people!


6- Losing my bike. Why am I thankful for this? I can’t be forgetful on campus anymore! Thanks, bike…wherever you are!

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7- Beautiful, beautiful campus. Breathtaking no matter which season it is…Iowa State campus will ALWAYS stay beautiful. I’m so thankful to say I go here. #NoFilter

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8- International diversity. ISU has people from all over the world, and not only hundreds, but thousands of them! And not only that, but there are so many events that show us the different cultures. I’m so thankful for how ISU is so internationally welcoming and to say I have friends from around the globe!

9- Great professors. There are only a few that stick with you. But they are the ones who you talk to you about their days and experiences other than classes…or including those in class as well! They are the ones you spend hours in their office hours after they answered your question to just talk about life. Thank you, awesome professors!

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10- My “major freak out”. This semester, I spontaneously decided to drastically change majors. It didn’t happen after a lot more reasonable thinking, but I’m thankful because at that point I got to see how I’ve grown and appreciate it. If I was the person I was 2 years ago, I would’ve done it without caring about the serious consequences.

11- Each sport related activities. Intramurals, 5Ks, soccer, tennis, and among other opportunities I’ve had to stay active on campus, which I was really worried about when I first came here. And of course, the people that I’ve met through those! Thank you for keeping me in shape!

12- ISU Dining. Because of the variety, complete options, special events, delicious pastries, people…everything! Thanks for making food dynamic, easy, and enjoyable! #MealPlanForever

13- Interviews, career fairs, preparation; the professional stuff. I’m thankful for how Iowa State provides us with tools to help us nail those interviews and give us the opportunity to expose ourselves to so many awesome companies! #MicrosoftFangirl Did you know Iowa State is one of the very few colleges in the country that host career fairs?

14- Cyclone Football. I had little knowledge of football…but the excitement about Cyclone Football here has made me get up on my chair, go to a game, and realize how thrilling this sport can actually be (still not better than soccer, though). It’s college football, I know, but it’s a better experience if you’re personally yelling at the stadium with thousands of other students! Thank you for making me discover new things and let me be a fan, CyclONE Nation!


15- Computer Engineering at Iowa State. Let me tell you, it’s amazing the great things engineers here can work with and the many hands-on opportunities that we get are always fun. Especially because those make me fall even more in love with technology and my major. Right now, I’m thankful for being able to make this little guy move.


16- “Free stuff “on campus. How would I be able to NOT worry about laundry for two weeks without all of these free ISU t-shirts I seem to randomly get? And the big bags I cherish every time I have to move places? A free lunch/dinner? I never miss an opportunity for free goodies! Thank you, free stuff, for always popping up when I need you…and when I don’t!

17- ISU Dance Marathon. This next year is the 17th ISU Dance Marathon, no pun intended…actually, yes. The amount of things I’ve got to experience, the people I’ve met, the moments I’ve captured, the kids I’ve helped, the lessons I’ve learned, the joy I’ve felt…if I start listing everything this post will overload! So, to keep it short, other than the fact of choosing my adventure at Iowa State, this is one of the biggest highlights of my college journey. There are no words to say how extremely grateful I am to have blindly signed up for the cause. This is one of those things you have to experience yourself to fully understand. Being a committee member this year has been a life-changing experience…as if the day of isn’t life-changing enough. It has for sure been a great part of my personal growth.  Thank you, Dance Marathon, changing my life and reminding me kids are my heroes. #ForTheKids




18- Every animal on campus! Iowa State’s campus is so refreshing. We have a bunch of species come and go around the area. Whether those are crows, squirrels, bunnies, raccoons, etc…they bring life to the already very alive and breathtaking campus. There’s not a day I’ve had without seeing one of these on campus, for example…I love squirrels! Thank you, animals!


19- Society of International Engineers. This was one of the clubs I inconsistently was involved with my freshman year. But then I decided to step it up sophomore year and learned a lot of things from the exchange students we hosted and studying abroad in general. It’s such a special community. Not to mention, they contributed with about 80% of my decision to study abroad soon! Thank you, SIE, for showing me how important it is to be aware of the global world!

20- International Ambassador opportunity. Ever since I came to Iowa State, I’ve been able to communicate with prospective international students with questions, concerns or guidance about college! It always reminds me of that first time 2 years ago I set foot on campus and wanted to know a million of things right away. I’m thankful for being able to provide that service and help!

21- Cyclone Life, DUH! The first time I was unexpectedly informed about the possibility of being able to participate here and document my life, I didn’t hesitate for a moment! This journey has been fantastic–I love to share my stories with you guys. I hope you enjoy them, since I “bake” them with love! But anyway, I’m very, very thankful for this chance I have of trying to connect with others on my Iowa State journey, and getting others excited about this wonderful life. Some of the greatest people I will ever meet accompany me and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thank you, Cyclone Life, for being that source I have to express myself and the people I’ve met through it!



And there they are! Even though my list is actually longer than this one, these are the ones I really wanted to shout out to the world for now. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I love showing my appreciation by participating. So, keep in mind that it is a way to repay everything Iowa State has done for you. Serve the community!

Also, make sure you let those people know that they made an impact in your life, you’ll feel wonderful! And if you can’t think of anything, remember that, as a quote I’ve read multiple times: “There’s always, always, always something to be thankful for.” Every single day.

Thank you, Iowa State, for being part of my college adventure!

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