A new semester!

Hello pretty ladies and gents!

I guess I don’t have the excuse of “Oh, it’s the first week of class, I’ve no idea what’s going on yet!”, to cop out of not filling you in with what this is all starting to look like. 😉

First of all, it seems like I’ll be taking really fun classes this semester! Ahem, for the most part. There’s still that one psychology class (Psych 440) which is about research measurements and analytics and stuff that I’m like “I didn’t sign up for psychology for this…” But, it needs to get done. It is my last class in my major, and so I’m feeling very much a senior ready to move on. (Not so much from college experience, no, but on to another topic).

Other than that I’m taking another photography class (ARTIS 329- Creative Photography) and ARTIS 212 (Computers: Illustrator and Photoshop) which are both proving to be good fun! Though at times I can’t deny I’m a little dumbfounded with all that I’m learning so quickly.

My other two classes are Introduction to Art History and a human development and family studies course (HD FS  373- Death as a Part of Living), which is an online course. I must admit to not keeping up very well just yet. Note to self: Must get those two chapters read!

Additionally, I have it on my schedule to join Dub H this semester for the first time! Heck yeah, some hip hop to change things up a bit! I’ll also be in the Bollywood Dance Club again, and the Puerto Rican one, by default. 😉 I know, I know, you’re probably thinking ” That girl is overcommitting!”, but I promise you, as a senior, my classes don’t worry me one bit at all, plus one of them is a half-semester course, and I don’t even have class on Fridays, so I feel like I’ll have enough time to work, play, and get some rest too. Sometimes being too busy gets a little overwhelming, but I must admit that for the most part…I’d rather be busy than with too much free time on my hands.

P.S I got hired at American Eagle! I will be working on floor sets, which are overnight and all, but that’s ok, no class on Fridays remember? 😉 I guess that’s what you get when you try to get a job there three semesters straight. Perseverance is key, kids. Make it happen! 😉

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