Choosing your adventure: A look at some of the whacky clubs here at Iowa State!

Hi, folks. It’s Chris! I’m back with blog post number 3 here on Cyclone Life.

So, everybody knows Iowa State’s tagline: Choose your adventure at Iowa State. Well guess what!? That is not just a clever ploy to get people to attend Iowa State. It’s actually pretty accurate! On our vibrant campus, there is something for everyone! Once you step foot in Ames, your adventure can take off in any direction, on any path you choose. Take this job for example! I never planned on Cyclone Life being a part of my adventure but here I am!

With 800+ clubs, intramurals, volunteer, and job opportunities, the community of Ames, and everything else offered on and off campus, there absolutely is a staggering amount of opportunities to choose your own path, which is what every young adult wants the opportunity to do! Right!?

So, in the interest of driving home the point of choosing you adventure. I am going to throw out some of the craziest, most off-the-wall clubs that are available here at Iowa State! After reading about some of these, you’ll know for sure that your adventure can truly take you ANYWHERE.

Rubik’s Cube Club

The club solves all sorts of different Rubik’s cubes, and even goes to competitions! The club also participates in extreme cubing, such as solving Rubik’s cubes with their feet or underwater! Can’t solve a Rubik’s cube? Don’t worry, I can’t either, but the fine folks at the Rubik’s Cube Club will take the time to teach you!

Celtic Dance Society

Pretty self explanatory: Dance like the Celtic folks! There is a number of different types of dance clubs, in case Celtic dance isn’t your style!

Game Renegades

This one is for all you gamers out there! A community of fellow gamers gaming it up! There are also other gaming clubs on campus you could check out if you have specific gaming interests (I’m looking at you, Minecraft-ers)!

Juggling and Unicycling Club

Again, pretty self explanatory. These people juggle and unicycle! Sometimes at the same time. Don’t worry. They also are willing to teach!

Rodeo Club

Yee-haw cowboys and cowgirls!

Scuba Club

If you come to land-locked Iowa and want to go scuba diving YOU CAN DO THAT!

Skydiving Club

ARE YOU CRAZY!?!? But hey, maybe some of you have the urge to go hop out of a plane thousands of feet in the air! Personally, I will never get anywhere close to this club! Definitely not going to be a part of my adventure, but that’s kind of the point! Choose YOUR adventure.

In addition to some of these more exotic clubs, Iowa State also has professional/major clubs, sport clubs, fan clubs, student media, Greek life, music clubs, political activism clubs, religious clubs, and cultural clubs so there truly is something at Iowa State for you!

Like I said, we have 800+ clubs here at ISU, but what if by some miracle there isn’t a club that fits what you want in a club? Well then you can start your own club!

Click here for the complete list of student organizations at Iowa State.

For information on how to start your very own club, check here.

There you have it folks! Choose your adventure at Iowa State!

Live long and prosper, Cyclones.

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