College Bucket List

Hi there, beautiful!

So, I have a college bucket list. A few of you saw my recent post of mine and asked what my full bucket list was throughout college, not just senior year, so here it is! It’s not completed, but it’s fun to look back on what I’ve done and look forward to what I want to do.

Here it is, items in no particular order:

  • Body paint for a sporting event!

    So I know this is a silly one, but body painting looked fun and I wanted to do it before I graduated. So, when the opportunity arose, some friends of mine and I body painted for our friend Shirley’s badminton game!

  • Study Abroad

    I went to Spain my second semester of sophomore year, and it was hands down the best experience I could have ever asked for. I can’t wait to go back!

  • Vote

    So, as the world knows, Obama was reelected for office, and I voted. I was pretty proud to be an American. Especially when he came and visited ISU’s campus!

  • Go to a real Iowa farm

    Iowa is kind of known for farming. I wanted to go and see one in real life. So, on an excursion with international students so see a real American farm for the first time, I tagged along!

  • See a show

    I love musicals and plays and pretty much any live show you can throw at me. Throughout my time at Iowa State, I’ve seen Blue Man Group, Dreamgirls, Spamalot, several comedy shows, an opera, and several plays and concerts! I can’t wait to see more.

  • Dance Marathon

    Dance Marathon is an awesome organization that raises money for the Iowa Children’s Hospital. It’s a huge deal on campus, and when I finally did participate, I loved it!

  • Be Cy

    I love costumes. What better one than our own school mascot! Freshman year I made it my mission to become Cy at least once, and since then I’ve been Cy (not the only one, mind you) all four years of college!

  • Get my sister to go to Iowa State

    My sister is awesome. She’s also a computer science major and Spanish minor, like me, and she’s my best friend. Naturally, I had to make sure she came here too, and now we’re roommates!

  • Snag an awesome internship

    I knew rom the beginning that internships are the key to get the work experience you need for after graduation. After a long four years here, I’ve had 5 of them, and I loved every single one!

  • Attend an ugly sweater party

    I know it’s silly, but I had always heard that ugly sweater parties are super fun. Luckily, a few of my friends joined in. 😉

  • Get a celebrity to fall in love with me

    Jon Mclaughlin and I will get married. Okay actually probably not because he’s married with a child and it could never work as much as he definitely wants it to (I keep telling myself). But hey, at least I snagged this photo when he visited the M-Shop!

  • Do all of the VEISHEA traditions

    So I haven’t technically finished this one yet. I’ve been in the parade (in the photo below you can see me lovingly screaming at people that I’m about to throw candy at them), but I haven’t had the cherry pies yet, haven’t gone campaniling, I haven’t done the Beardshear-Curtiss run, and I haven’t partied until dawn. I’m not desperate to do all of these things, but hey. I like pie. I should have some.

  • Do an intramural

    I have not done this one yet, I’ve never seemed to have the time to fit in a sport, but now, I am determined! I think I’l try something like ultimate frisbee, or maybe even swimming. During VEISHEA there’s some other fun ones like Battleship too, so maybe one of those!

  • Join the Gaffers’ Guild

    The Gaffers’ Guild is the glassblowing club on campus! I have always wanted to try glassblowing, and I’ve been waiting for a good time to join since freshman year. THIS is that semester. I’m so excited!

  • Make a music video

    I’ve always liked making funny videos with my sister and my friends, and I always thought that doing them with college kids would take them up a level. I was right.

  • Take a class in the Workspace

    The Workspace in the Memorial Union has classes every semester for all kinds of art projects, from pottery to wood shop to jewelry to sewing to knitting to screen printing to metalworking! I’ve always wanted to take a class, and I’m looking at their lineup now to find one that’ll fit for me.

So, that’s my list! It’s definitely mostly complete (thank goodness, it’s my senior year), and I can’t wait to cross off the rest.

See you next time!

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