The Real Deal About VEISHEA

“What is VEISHEA?” You may think you know… but do you really?! Let’s see…

Do you know what VEISHEA stands for?

Many people think that VEISHEA stands for the original colleges at Iowa State. Those people are correct! (If you’re included in that group of people, go buy yourself a piece of candy. You’ve earned it!)

BUT… do you know how many original colleges there were? How about their names?

Veterinary Medicine


Industrial Sciences

Home Economics


Now you know! When your non-ISU acquaintances are super confused about what this event with a super weird name is, you can be super smart and explain to them why it actually isn’t a super weird name. Isn’t that super?! Congratulations, you smart cookie.

What are the opportunities you have for food?

I think the better question is what opportunities DON’T you have for food during VEISHEA?

But seriously, there’s food all over place throughout the week. Don’t forget about the option all students have of buying a VEISHEA button, which gives you access to all 5 days of meals located on Central Campus. (It’s a heck of a deal, too. Especially for the awesome food the VEISHEA Catering Committee brings in. Last year, I remember eating Panda Express one day, and then Noodles & Co. a different day. Yes, please! They make some seriously good choices when it comes to something as vital as FOOD! I definitely recommend buying a button when the time comes.)

Also, don’t forget about the tradition of having an infamous cherry pie! A cherry pie is a pretty simple concoction, but it is definitely worth your time to try at least one. Students get the opportunity to make these cherry pies in MacKay Hall, and they’re always a huge hit. Last year, I heard there were over 14,000 pies sold. Let’s top that number this year! What do you say?!

So, is there anything special going on during VEISHEA week? 

Oh my goodness, yes! My advice is to participate in as many fun events as you can; you really don’t know how fun some of these things are until you attend. There’s a VEISHEA parade. There’s a whole “VEISHEA Village.” There are a bunch of awesome artists lined up for the VEISHEA Concerts. (Check them out here if you haven’t seen the whole list yet.) There is a singing competition (Cyclone Idol). There is a stand-up comedy competition (VEISHEA Says I’m Funny). There is a hypnotist. You can even be involved before the week by participating in VEISHEA Service Day. Honestly, the list goes on and on… Check out VEISHEA’s website!

Well, if you didn’t know a whole lot about what VEISHEA is really all about before reading this blog, I hope you have a better idea now! Some of you may know that I was involved with the VEISHEA committee last year, and I know the intense amount of work that goes into the whole production of the week. (Shoutout to the VEISHEA 2014 committee! You guys are awesome, and I can’t wait to see your hard work pay off in April!)

I could go on, but I’ll leave you with those few “questions” about VEISHEA to mull over in your mind. Basically, the bottom line is that you should be very exCYted to celebrate this awesome university of ours come April! 😉

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