How To Know If You Are/Should Be Studying Political Science

Below you can find ways to know if you, or a friend of yours, is a person who is studying political science or should be studying political science.

Fun Fact:

I wasn’t a political science major when I first attended Iowa State in fall 2011. I was a genetics major and then changed my major at the end of my second semester to journalism and then quickly added political science. Changing your major at Iowa State isn’t a big deal, a majority of students change or add a major during their time here in Ames. So, if you are thinking about changing your major or you think you have a high chance of changing it when you come to Iowa State it’s no big deal! Talk to your adviser and the new student adviser of the major you are interested in changing to because they are both knowledgeable about the easy process of changing your major. So, for readers who are thinking about becoming a political science student I am sure this blog post will help you with accepting the awesomeness that comes with loving the field of political science major. For readers who are political science majors, I am positive you will find some of these posts things hilarious. Enjoy, and go Team Political Science!


#1 Your reaction when campaign season starts:


#2 You when a presidential campaign makes a stop on campus:

#3 A friend tells you they won’t vote in the next election:


#4 You see Hannah Arendt is on the syllabi:


#5 Your response after reading a Supreme Court decision for class:


#6 You realize you have to take POL S 301-Empirical Research:




#7 You during midterm week of POL S 301-Empirical Research:


#8 You successfully pass POL S 301-Empirical Research:


#9 You realize you have two choices with just your POLS degree; Get a masters or go to law school*:

*Don’t want to do one of these two things? Have a second major like me!


#10 You trying to figure out if law school is a good life decision OR if going to law school will destroy your life:


#11 You start saying things like this to your TA after their extremely helpful review sessions:


#12 The genius Professor Dirk Deam gives you a compliment in class:

#13 When you are tested about your knowledge of current events:


#14 You hear conversations from POL S students who do not share your political views:


#15 When your non-Pol S friends say, “But like…your internships are like never paid.”


#16 Your feelings about having to take a math class:


#17 You realize the really smart person who wrote your textbook is your professor:


#18 Students from from out-of-state talking to students about Iowa’s “first in the nation” caucus status:


#19 Students from Iowa talking to out-of-state students about Iowa’s “first in the nation” caucus status:


#20 What you feel like doing after a bad day of classes:


#21 What you feel like doing after a good day of classes:

I <3 Political Science 🙂

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