Freshman Memories: Classroom Interruptions by Cy

Remember that time when Cy came into my HDFS 102 class and danced to “Thrift Shop”?

The day started off like every other morning. As usual, I hopped on the Brown North bus at 9:15 from the towers to get to my Individual and Family Development class that started at 9:30am in Lebaron auditorium. I chose my normal spot on the left side of the room and looked around to find my classmates trying to cram for a clicker quiz. A clicker quiz that I forgot to study for.  YOU REALLY NEED TO READ THE CHAPTERS FOR CLASS, MALINDA” I angrily said to myself. I sat down and swiveled in my chair as class started. Half way through class, my professor told us to get out our clickers for our quiz. As we went through the quiz, I was in luck because it had nothing to do about the reading, but homecoming.  “Aren’t we talking about Piaget? That’s weird, what does this have to do with anything!? and what’s for lunch?” were the thoughts that processed through my mind when all of a sudden CY, our mascot, came bursting into our lecture hall. Our professor greeted Cy and welcomed him into our classroom. He then took a seat by a girl, took her laptop, and hooked it up to the speakers in class – and this happened:

The entire time I was like “IS THIS REAL LIFE?”

Cy’s pretty awesome and this is another reason why he’s the best mascot ever! We even got a picture taken with him. Can you find me?

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