How to be successful in the classroom

Yeah, the classroom. It’s that education thing that you’re paying for! Going to college throws a lot of stuff at you, which can make it difficult to focus on your academics. Statistically speaking, the average student has their worst GPA during the first semester of their first year at college. No doubt, this is mainly due to students mishandling the transition to college level classes, and not handling outside distractions as well as they should. So, here’s a couple quick tips to help you succeed in the ole classroom!

1. Show up on time and get a seat in the front

Yeah, I see you slipping into the very back row of class 10 minutes after class started! Don’t do that to yourself. Show up a couple minutes early and go grab a nice seat up front. It’s proven that students in the front of the class pay attention better and are more active in class. Paying better attention= better grades.

2. Actually pay attention in class

This is a pretty mind-blowing concept, I know. Leave the phone in your pocket, only use your computer for notes, take out your headphones, and quit talking to your neighbor. As tempting as it is to daydream your way through class, try to keep yourself mentally involved in what the professor is talking about. You’re paying money to learn what these people are teaching you. Don’t waste you’re time and money by not paying attention!

3.  Utilize your professors

That’s what they are here for! They have office hours, use them. Professors say all that they have these office hours week in and week out and hardly every get students who come in asking for help. Plus, in a large lecture class, it always helps to form a personal connection to the professor.

4.  Other resources

There are plenty of other resources that are available to you. The Academic Student Success Center is available, teaching assistants are available, super cheap tutoring is available, the list goes on and on. If you’re struggling, there are plenty of things you can do about it. You have the power to change things pretty easily if you don’t like how things are going for you in a certain class. Get help!

5. Set aside plenty of time

You can get pretty busy with non-school stuff during the week. Hanging out with friends, being in clubs, having a job, playing intramural sports, it’s easy to lose focus and slack on your academics. It’s pretty important that you make time to keep up on your studies. A big part of being successful academically in college is utilizing your time. You only have so much time in a day, and you better make sure you leave enough time to get your work done!

Boom. That’s pretty much it. You are all set. Hello 4.0 first semester 🙂

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