Perks of being a College Student

Being a college student definitely has its perks…..

1. No judgement – No one can judge you on the amount of coffee you drink in a day or how many packs of pizza rolls you have in your freezer. Or the fact that you wear boat shoes with almost every outfit. Ever heard of #socollege?


2. Discounts – I feel like most college kids forget about this one!! Flash your student ID and get a discount off your next order!

Clothing Stores

  • Club Monoco – 20% off
  • J.Crew – 15% off
  • Banana Republic – 15% off
  • Topshop – 10% off
  • Ann Taylor – 15% off
  • ASOS – 10% off
  • The Limited – 15% off

Into tech stuff more? These companies have discounts for you too!

  • Apple
  • Dell
  • Microsoft
  • HP
  • Sony
  • Adobe
  • Much more!

3. Amazon Student – That TWO DAY SHIPPING THOUGH!!! I love Amazon Prime, and being a student allows you to have a trial of Amazon Prime for 6 months!! Other benefits include Prime instant video and access to tons of songs. Writing this makes me kind of sad since my trial recently ended, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying Amazon Student Prime TA-DAY.

4. Freedom – There is so much independence that you gain once you are a college student. From picking your major, to choosing what extracurricular activities to do, or deciding when to fold your laundry- it’s YOU that gets to decide.


5. Parks Library – Besides books….my favorite part about Parks is the media center! Can’t find a show (GAME OF THRONES) on Netflix?? Try the media center! Parks also provides excellent study space and tons of resources.

6. State Gym – State Gym is wonderful. I mean there’s a rock climbing wall, a vortex pool, and plenty of fun group fitness classes to attend! Plus you cannot forget about the smoothies at FROOTS!

7. ISU BOOK STORE – The bookstore is the best place to buy Iowa State gear! AND where else can you get Microsoft Office software for only $13?!

8. Beautiful campus – ┬áIt truly is a pleasure walking around this beauty of a campus- especially during the fall.

Until next time!

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