International Night 2014!

Hey friends!

Let me tell you about the highlight of my week before Thanksgiving Break rolled around. You see, I haven’t been going out-of-my-way to see or do anything fun this semester. With too many things going on at once, I’ve had to narrow down my list of priorities to two or three: do my homework, apply to graduate school, and sleep. Therefore, it was “crazy” of me to leave work two hours early last week to be able to attend International Night at the Great Hall in the Memorial Union. You see, it’s been a tradition of sorts for me since I started attending Iowa State. I had to go! And plus, I knew that I really wanted to brag about ISU’s great student diversity and tons of student clubs, so I went and recorded a 20-minute clip of each performance and summed it up in a short video.

During International Night, students from different clubs and organizations on campus prepare a dance or musical number that showcases their culture. I gotta say every year they get better and better! I think this year was definitely my favorite in terms of how the event was organized and with how many groups performed. There was also a speech by the Director of International Students and Scholars Office, James Dorsett, and by Dr. Thomas L. Hill, the Senior Vice President of Student Affairs. There were a total of 13 groups that performed:

  • Korean Traditional Music with Asian Pacific American Awareness Coalition
  • Cyclone Breakers
  • Classical ‘Kandyan’ dance by Sri Lankan Student Association
  • Chinese ‘Pipa’ Musical Instrument Performance
  • Bollywood Dance Club
  • Duet Music Performance by Asian Pacific American Awareness Coalition
  • Contemporary Malay Dance by Association of Malaysian Students
  • Musical Performance by Ukrainian Student Association
  • Guang Hwa Lion Dance by Association of Malaysian Students
  • Indian Dance by ISU RAAS
  • Chinese ‘Nature-Worship’ Dance by Chinese Student & Scholars Association
  • South Indian Dance Performance
  • Dance Performance by Motion Sickness
  • International Fashion Show

Watch a clip of their performances below! I just really wanted you to know that no matter where you come from, you are going to feel at home at Iowa State because of the many events we organize to bring international students and the rest together!

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