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Feeding Family and Friends in Ames

After showing off your room, our beautiful campus, and selection of your favorite buildings (where your classes are, where you like to study, etc.), you have a variety of dining choices for your visiting friends and family. To assist your decision-making, I’ve compiled the following list of some of my favorite Ames eateries and cafes.

Hickory Park
Hickory Park
A famous and delectable gem here in Ames, Hickory Park offers a variety of tasty options. This place is no secret, though, so make sure you arrive early to put your name in for a table!


Stomping Grounds
Stomping Grounds
Conveniently located just a few blocks off campus, Stomping Grounds is a wonderful, local café with fabulous food and drink options.


Named after the cuisine’s country calling code, this Italian restaurant is a nice, upscale dining option.


The Cafe
The Café
The Café is a classy place great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!


El Azteca
El Azteca
Reasonably priced and delicious Mexican food!


Vinyl Cafe
Vinyl Café
I love a good, local coffee shop. As the name implies, in addition to fine espresso beverages, this café sells a variety of records! Furthermore, you can sample the records in the café’s listening booth, as exemplified by the classy Blaze Best below.

Vinyl Cafe Listening Booth


Keep in mind this is a slim selection of six restaurants and cafes in Ames. You can find a comprehensive list on the Ames Convention and Visitor’s Bureau website!

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