The Next Adventure Explained

“I’m choosing my adventure,” I would say to my always approving but realistic mother.

Her response? “As long as that adventure leads to a job, buddy.”

Well, I can say with the upmost excitement my adventure has led to not just a job, but a career I have been dreaming about for quite awhile.

Just a few weeks ago I received a phone call, from a fellow Cyclone I may add, and she offered me a position at FleishmanHillard!

FleishmanHillard, with over 80 offices in 31 countries, is an award winning communications firm specializing in public relations, public affairs, marketing, paid media, transmedia, and social content. They were most recently named PRWeek’s 2014 Global Agency of the Year, “Standout Agency” on Advertising Age’s 2013 A-List, and one of PRWeek’s 2013 “Best Places to Work.”

So which office am I headed to in the global network of FleishmanHillard? Think south. It is the city that loves its very own style of BBQ, basketball, and jazz. If you guessed Kansas City, or K.C. for short, you’re a winner! With a vast network of fellow Cyclones and a thriving but also growing city center I know I will feel at home in Kansas City. The warmer weather, delicious food, and home of the Big 12 Basketball Tournament are nice add-ons too. 🙂

So how did I get to this point?

Well, it wasn’t a linear path I can tell you that, I mean I was first a genetics major when I enrolled at Iowa State! That’s the beauty of liberal arts and a larger university education! There are so many opportunities you just never know where your passions will lead you.

Did I know this is where I would be four years ago? The answer is simply no.

But I do know that my hard work through Freshman Council, ISU Bacon Expo, and STARS helped. Especially the numerous peers who I have worked with through these organizations. Taking that leap of faith to study and intern abroad for a semester in Scotland helped too.

Taking classes that were not easy, but challenged me everyday prepared me for this moment and helped me succeed with on campus jobs with the Iowa 4-H Foundation and Iowa State Athletics. I know for certain my professors, advisers, and mentors provided vital feedback and advice since day one. I know I didn’t get here alone and I know Iowa State provided me the space to get to this very opportunity.

So I would like to thank every single person along this adventure a huge thank you. Everyone. My friends and even you, the reader is included in this love fest. You’re the best, but I’m sure you already knew that by now.

And oh, mom? Thank you…and you’re welcome on following your advice. 🙂

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