The Secrets to Success

It’s just one of the things we want most in life. Success. We want to make it in the world and at life. So I’m going to share with you the secrets to success in college.

1. Set goals
Set both short-term and long-term goals. They give you direction in the hectic college world we currently live in. Now don’t just pick a goal. Seriously think of goals you want to achieve, no how minor or major they are. Write them down and put them somewhere visible so you are reminded daily and have something to reach for.

2. Stick to a schedule
Get a routine that works. Pencil it out if need be. College is all about being able to multitask. If you have the most important stuff figured out, classes and studying, then being able to work other things into your schedule will be a piece of cake.

3. Get to know your professors
They are your biggest resource! Students who talk to their professors do better in classwork and on exams. It will help you feel more connected to the class. If you are nervous about that face-to-face contact, start with emails and then move up to office hours when you are comfortable. But don’t be scared! They want you to succeed!

4. Take good notes
Being able to take notes is a key skill for a college student. You may think you have good note taking skills but do you really? Copying everything off the slides is one thing, adding extra info the professor is lecturing to your notes is another. The Academic Success Center is a great place to go for help with note taking.

5. Get involved!
Students who are active in clubs or intramural sports are more successful. Some think these deter you from homework and studying but in all reality it is good for you! Exercise increases brain function and gives you a much needed break! Being a part of a club gives you a new set of friends and can not only be fun but also give you connections in the real world.

6. Use your resources
We have a vast array of resources for students here at ISU. From the library to the Academic Success Center, there is plenty that can help you here! We also have IT Services and the many help centers!

7. Balance your class load
No matter how confident you may feel about your academic capabilities, don’t overload yourself. Vary your classes in difficulty and size. You may think to get all of your hard classes out of the way this semester so next semester is easy but that will just burn you out. Give yourself some slack!

8. Go to class and participate
Yes, I said it, PARTICIPATE! Going to class is important all in itself but actually participating is a way to boost your education. Answer the clicker questions, easy. Raise your hand and ask a question, not to hard. Answer a question the professor asks, you can do it!

9. Use study tools
Between online study sites and apps, there are infinite ways to help you study. Also one of the best study tools is getting a study buddy. Having someone else to study with will keep you on task and they might be more knowledgeable on a certain topic than you and vice versa.

10. Know how to treat yourself
Working hard is very important on the path to success but yet you should know when to give yourself a much needed break. Worked on a paper for an hour? Go ahead and give yourself a brain break or satisfy your sweet tooth with some well deserved chocolate!

The path to success is not an easy one. It takes effort and hard work but the end results are worth it. And hopefully with these key secrets to success, the path may be just a little bit easier!

Until next time!

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