100 Things To Do At Iowa State Before You Graduate

Iowa State graduation is among us! And I guess I’m one of the graduates this time…where has the time gone?! Anyways! I just wanted to make a list of the top 100 things people should do while they are students at Iowa State. I loved every second of my “adventure” here and I hope every student has the chance to experience what I have. So without further adieu. Here are the top 100 things to do at Iowa State before you graduate.

1. Read a cyclonelife.net blog post

One down…99 to go…

2. Write an opinion piece for the Iowa State Daily

3. Read cover-to-cover a student published magazine

4. Read the Iowa State Daily

5. Do the crossword/Suduko in the Iowa State Daily

6. Adopt a puppy for an hour

PUPPIES?! WHERE!? WHEN?! Learn more here.

7. Jump into a pile of leaves on central campus

8. Pull an all-nighter

9. Take a nap in a hammock on central campus

Carter's Blog

Photo: Blake Lanser

10. Take a nap in Parks Library

11. Nap on central campus


12. Go to a football game at Jack Trice Stadium

13. Experience #HiltonMagic in Hilton Coliseum

Student Section

14. See a concert in Hilton

15. See a spring student musical production in Fisher Theatre

16. Go to the Fashion Show in C.Y. Stephens

17. Go to a DubH show

Carter's blog

18. Experience Dance Marathon

19. Do a 5K on campus during warm weather

20. Do the Nearly Naked Mile!

21. Run in the Andy Albright Jingle Jog in the middle of December

So cold, but SO worth it!! I promise.

22. Go the ISU Bacon Expo

23. Join/watch the ISU Qudditch club

24. Start a club, any club!!

25. Take a selfie with Cy

26. Take a picture of the ceiling inside of Beardshear

27. Take a pic with the “albino” squirrel

He’s real!! Read about him here.

28. Take a picture of a tree

We have lots of them. Like hundreds of them.

29. Take a picture with the swans Lancelot and Elaine

30. Swim in Lake Laverne

You most likely won’t regret it.

31. Spend a night in the MU Hotel

32. Step on the Zodiac after finals

The real world isn’t a test, right?

33. Take a glass blowing class at the Gaffer’s Guild in Old Sweeney Hall

I mean when else are you going to learn this important life skill?!

34. Take an art class in The Workspace

35. Study next to the big windows in the West Lobby

36. Go bowling in the basement in the MU (CyBowl and Billiards)

It’s like a dollar for students, so do while it’s cheap!

37. See Grandma Mojo’s comedy group in the M-Shop

38. Go to an ISU AfterDark event

39. Go to Cyclone Cinema

40. Go to a lecture in the Durham Great Hall

Have your mind blown.

41. Attend a political rally with a presidential candidate

42. Take a tour inside the campanile

43. Experience the campanile concerts at noon

You can request songs, like any song! Yes, even T-Swift.

44. Kiss someone at midnight under the campanile

45. Participate in mass campaniling during homecoming


46. Go to the senior brunch during Senior Week

You just never say no to free food, okay?

47. Use the free printing at the Margret Sloss Women’s Center

48. Check out the Grant Wood Murals in the library

49. Study in the Parks Library tiers

Who needs cell phone service when they study?

50. Walk around campus without headphones

I promise you everything will be okay and you’ll hear, like nature!

51. Eat free pancakes at midnight

52. Eat Panda in the MU

The person who takes the last scoop of orange chicken….SMH.

53. Eat at the Joan Bice Underwood Tearoom

54. Eat ice cream from the Dairy Science Club

55. Eat at one of 11 ISU Dining cafés on campus

56. Eat at The Café in north Ames

One word. BRUNCH.

57. Eat at Great Plains Pizza in downtown Ames

58. Eat at West Street Deli next to campus

59. Eat at Stomping Grounds on Welch

Best outdoors seating ever. Period.

60. Eat at Dublin Bay just off Duff

61. Eat the free food during CALS week

62. Eat a hot dog on “Wiener Wednesday” during SALC’s Senior Week

63. Eat a superdog from the superdog stand

Don’t ask questions. Just eat it.

64. Eat at the dining centers as an upperclassman


Yeah, I eat a lot……judge me….NEXT!

65. Build a snowman on campus

66. Go sledding near the Knoll (President’s residence)

67. Drink hot chocolate at the Knoll

68. Go inside the Knoll

69. Pet a horse at the horse barn

70. Use both rec centers on campus, State Gym and Lied

71. Go to a group fitness class

I did Pilates for entire semester. It was….interesting.

72. Use the rock-climbing wall at State Gym

73. Win a champion intramural shirt

74. Participate in an outdoor rec trip

Rock Climbing, Skiing, Canoeing…OH MY!

75. Go on an Alternatives Break trip

76. Study Abroad

Go…anywhere. Literally. Anywhere. 

77. Get lost in Friley Hall

78. Tour Reiman Gardens

79. Use CyRide route Orange 23

80. Get a parking ticket from DPS

They’re like Christmas presents….

81. Avoid people handing out things in the Free Speech Zone

82. Be one of the people handing out things in the Free Speech Zone

83. Ask a question at the Student Answer Center

They know all. Like, all.

84. Attend a floor meeting

85. Skip a floor meeting

86. Go to the Brunnier Art Museum or any university museum

87. Go on the haunted ISU tour

88. Go to the ISU cemetery

Want to visit dead ISU Presidents? Cause you can.

89. Wear a costume on Halloween

90. Whisper to a tour group: “Choose your adventure at Iowa State!”


91. Go to a lecture class you’re not registered in

92. Be a lab rat of a campus research project

93. Get inside the V6 Virtual Reality Space in Howe Hall

94. See the first computer in Durham Hall

Yeah, that’s right. ISU invented it. You’re welcome.

95. Find the plaque about ISU’s part in the Manhattan project


96. Experience the College of Design when a project is due

97. Wear cardinal on a Cy Day Friday

98. Go shopping downtown

99. Go shopping at the mall

100. Own a BEAT IOWA shirt from the MU Bookstore

Need I say more? 🙂

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