A Definintive Guide to Iowa State Terminology

As a new student here at Iowa State, it’s easy to get confused when someone tells you they live in “Freddy” or a friend asks you to grab lunch at “Convos”. What’s a “Convos” anyway?! And who is this “Freddy” that everyone keeps talking about?! If you’ve asked yourself any these questions, don’t fret. These students are simply using common Iowa State terminology. With a little practice, you’ll be throwing around “M-Shops” and “BLFs” like it’s your job.

Here’s a (long) quick-list of the most widely-used slang terms at ISU:

Campus Buildings and hang-outs:

MU= Memorial Union

Moly Bio= Molecular Biology Building

The Rec= Lied Recreation Center

Lago= Lagomarcino Hall

The M-Shop= The Maintenance Shop (An awesome little concert venue in the MU)

The MC= The Multicultural Center (Also in the MU)

The tiers= The place in the library where all the books are kept (There’s also little desks for quiet studying!)

Colleges and Academic Majors:

LAS= College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

CHS= College of Human Sciences

CALS= College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

COB= College of Business

ENGR= College of Engineering

COD= College of Design

Chem-E= Chemical Engineering

ME= Mechanical Engineering

Con-E= Construction Engineering

ComSci= Computer Science

PR= Public Relations

AST= Agricultural Systems Technology

AMD= Apparel Merchandising and Design

AESHM= Apparel, Event, and Hospitality Management Department

ISA= Integrated Studio Arts

Residential Buildings and Dining Centers:

UDCC= Union Drive Community Center (Also pronounced “U-Dic”)

Convos= Conversations Dining Center

BLF= Barton, Lyon, Freeman Residence Halls

MWL= Maple, Willow, Larch Residence Halls

BWR= Birch, Welch, Roberts Residence Halls

The Towers= Wallace and Wilson Residence Halls

The Dungeons= A common area in the basement of Friley

SUV= Schilliter and University Village Apartments

ISU West= Maricopa and Walton University Apartments

Departments and Organizations:

DOR= Department of Residence

NSP= New Student Programs

SI= Supplemental Instruction

MSA= Multicultural Student Affairs

ISSO= International Students and Scholars Office

SAA= Student Alumni Association

SUB= Student Union Board

STARS= Student Admissions Representatives

ISUCF’V’MB= Iowa State University Cyclone Football Varsity Marching Band

And more!

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