All You Need for Dead Week is… Puppies!

No, you’re definitely not alone.¬†We all wish we could get stampeded by puppies right now…

I hear you. Dead Week is not what you expected, right? Instead of studying you’ve spent countless hours working on other projects and homework due this week. Additionally, you feel you have more work this week than you’ve had throughout the whole semester. That’s you and that’s me.

Anxiety and stress rile up these last couple of weeks and we really need relax because in the end it will be OK – we just don’t believe it right now.

Well, I’m here to tell you there’s a great opportunity to relax this week thanks to Parks Library! Yes, I’m saying that you could be stampeded – well, sort of – by puppy love!

The Library is hosting “Barks @Parks” every day of Dead Week from 1-4pm! What is this? Different certified “therapy¬†dogs” are brought to the library for all of you to pet and play with. It’s a win-win situation because (1) your overwhelmed self will definitely relax and (2) these dogs will love the attention!

Find these furry friends in room 192 (first floor – library) and take a break from this overwhelming Dead Week that is very much not dead. I have gone every single time they have done this and I always feel so much better. It’s a very open event, and you will sit on a circle, relax and let dogs come at you!


I haven’t gone this year yet, but judging by this:


…I need to do that soon!

There’s all types of dogs as well. Give some love and receive some love this Dead Week – because we all need it. Again, thank you immensely Parks Library for making my week a lot brighter!


Definitely all you need this Dead Week is PUPPIES!

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