Reasons to LOVE Downtown Ames

My absolute favorite thing about Ames is its quaint, little downtown (also known as the Main Street Cultural District).

There are many things to adore about this gem area of Ames. For one, it has some great places to eat. Whether it be chill coffee shops or a nice night out with friends, there is a little bit of every thing. My personal favorite coffee shop is Cafe Diem, it always has lots of seating and has a variety of beverages, like fresh pressed juices when you aren’t in need of a caffeinated beverage.


{Cafe Deim }

Another great one is Vinyl Cafe! If you like music of any kind and own a record player this is the spot for you!


{ Vinyl Cafe }

Main Street also has their collection of shops. There are plenty of places that sell clothing, jewelry, home decor, etc. My favorite is a place called Tangerine Zebra. It is a vintage home decor shop that has lots of unique home decor. I also really enjoy Worldly Goods. It is a fair trade shop that has home decor, clothing, and my personal favorite…. dark chocolate!!! They have over 50 different countries represented under one roof.


{ Wall of decor at Tangerine Zebra }

Ames also hosts multiple events during the year. In the summer there is an art walk and country music festival. Some events that are offered during the school year are the Music Walk (early September), Oktoberfest (late September), and Snow Magic, which offers numerous winter activities (early December)!

Downtown Ames is a great way to escape campus life and give yourself a little splurge. Whether that be on a coffee, a nice dinner, shopping trip, or just a place to adventure to with some pals… it’s a must if you live in Ames! 🙂

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