The College Student’s Guide to Christmas Gifts

I don’t know about you but I absolutely LOVE Christmas. I love the baking, the food, the traditions, spending time with family, the smell of pine in the air…. but there is one thing I somewhat dread. Presents. I never really know what to give people (mostly because they never hint at anything) and I honestly never know what I really want (so I guess I can’t blame them). So if you struggle like me, here are some helpful ideas!

What to Give:

  1. Apparel
    • Who said you have to go off campus to get your presents? Just head over to the bookstore and knock everyone off your gift list! Get a t-shirt for brother, baseball cap for dad, even a new collar for Fido!
  2. Services
    • This gift is inexpensive and only costs you some time! Instead of getting mom a gift that she may never use, why not offer to clean the dishes a few times while you’re home.
  3. Handmade
    • Some of the best gifts come from the heart. By making something, you had a personal touch to it and customize it how ever you want! You can head over to the Workspace and make something or check out Pinterest for some neat ideas!
  4. Food
    • I mean, who doesn’t like food!? If you love to bake, this is great for you and the person you are giving it to! Bake up some delicious Christmas cookies for friends! Or you can go the easy route and swing by HyVee and pick up some already made ones. đŸ˜‰ And you don’t HAVE to bake! You can make a meat and cheese platter to drop off at a family member’s or friend’s house!

What to Ask:

  1. Money
    • Simple, easy, and very useful. Plus, we are broke college students, we all need money anyways! But sometimes money just doesn’t seem personal or it seems kinda rude to ask for. Ask for gift cards instead to places you frequently go to such as the grocery store, a restaurant, or any other store. It makes it more personal while still being useful!
  2. Supplies
    • Instead of having to go buy an extra notebook or dish soap, why not ask for it? Sure, it may seem a little weird but it’s one more item you can cross off your shopping list!
  3. The obvious gifts you hated when you were little but appreciate now
    • Remember when you were little and you hated to get those socks from Aunt Sally? Now, we really appreciate those.
  4. Clothes
    • Now that we have to worry about paying for our tuition, rent, and food, new clothes are usually at the bottom of our lists of things to do with our money. Ask mom and dad for those jeans you’ve been ogling or for that jacket you’ve seen while browsing online while procrastinating.

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