Illinois Natives Are Tired of Hearing These Questions

Hey, what’s up everybody?

If you didn’t know this already, I’m not from Ames or even Iowa for that matter.


In reality, I’m from a far away land where bleeding blue and orange is normal (NOTE: This is not an accurate medical diagnosis. Malik is not a licensed physician.), it’s SODA not POP and if you pronounce the ‘s’ in the name, the entire state cringes!

Yes, I am from Illinois, as the title clearly reveals, and I miss it all the time, but there are plenty of times where I wish people didn’t know that I’m an Illinoisan or whatever Iowans call us. We get asked so many questions that are just odd and being a representative of my state, I feel that I have to dispute the questions that Illinois natives are simply tired of hearing.

What is an ‘Illini?”
Time for a quick history lesson! (Yay!) The Illinois or Illiniwek tribe were among the first inhabitants of the land that was later named after them. They were important allies for the French and English colonists and when it came to forming the midwestern United States.

Are you from Chicago? Is Chicago your capital?
A common follow-up is “Where in Chicago/What suburb?” because it honestly feels easier to say you’re from Chicago than from your small town. But no, not everyone in Illinois is from Chicago.


[NOTE: The state capital is Springfield.]

Are you a Cubs/Bears/Bulls/Blackhawks fan?
If you are a Chicgao sports fan, you must have a lot of pride, but not all of us are band wagoners. We all generally love our home teams and some love our rivals. Personally, I love the Bears, Cubs, and Bulls, and never will claim to love/understand hockey. Sorry.


[Speaking of Springfield…]

How often do you eat Portillos/deep dish pizza?
Portillos is known for “gourmet hot dogs” and they are good. I can’t stand hot dogs more than once in the same week, Portillos ain’t my hot spot. But I will attack for deep dish pizza (LBVS)! What? I’m a college student; pizza is life blood!

TMIMITW Portillos

Have you seen any Chicago Fire/PD characters?
I do love the shows that are based in Chicago. Chicago Fire is really picking up steam (HA!)!

That’s Lincoln’s home state, right?
True, Illinois has often been called the Land of Lincoln, but he was not born here. For those confused, Lincoln was born in Kentucky. He moved to Illinois and lived there until he became president.

How are your winters?
Honestly, I love the winter air and snow makes me feel like a big kid, but man, our winters will put you to the test. That goes for our neighboring states too.


Who is Casmir Pulaski /The Sweetest Day? Do you take Groundhog Day off?
Okay, I’ll admit: I had no idea who Casmir Pulaski is, I don’t remember what The Sweetest Day is, and I can’t stand that groundhog to save my life. So, thank you Google! Pulaski was a Polish solider who helped to popularize the calvary. The Sweetest Day is like a second Valentine’s Day, and no matter his shadow’s ability to scare him, we will have six more weeks of winter.


[Thank you for allowing me to have a day off in middle and high school.]

Now you know what NOT to ask an Illini native when making casual conversation. I know there are more, but just thinking about all the questions makes my head hurt a little bit. I’m gonna go sleep and dream of Peoria now. I hope this helps you guys out!

‘Til next time, guys…

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