How to Become Besties with your Random Roommate

Everyone’s freshman year is a lot like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna… Oh you know how the saying goes.


But that doesn’t make it any less true. College comes with awesome times and awesome people. And you might be living with some of those awesome people. This is the part where you look around your room for that person. Now smile and wave, boys and girls.

I can speak from experience that having a random roommate during your freshman year has some pretty awesome perks to it. I wonder if you have found any of them yet.

  • Talk about your limitations and hobbies
    Everyone knows what they like, their pet peeves, what makes them happy, what makes them cringe but you never know if you don’t ask. Sure, you might’ve talked about who brings what when you move into your dorm, but did you really learn anything about who you moved in with. Relationships are another factor to consider too, but I won’t dwell on those.
  • Find an activity you can do together
    You both have lives to live, classes to attend and clubs that have meetings that you need to go to. And you are here to be your own man or woman, but that doesn’t mean you and your roommate can’t hang out together. My roommate and I would always binge a few episodes of something on Netflix, play GTA V or go workout or swim at State Gym. So try to add some bonding time.
  • Treat each other with the utmost respect
    There will always be moments where your patience will be tested. So instead of looking for that moment to go all Bruce Banner on them, do your absolute best and treat them with respect. As Confucius once said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and accept it when they speak theirs
    Again, I can’t stress this enough. You will not always have that roommate honeymoon phase. Your friendship might be tested, but like anything in life, great communication is needed to mend all wounds. You may have concerns and they might have some too, so be ready to learn what you both need to do in this friendship.
  • Keep in contact, whether you live together or not
    My final point is the most simple and yet the most difficult. You need to want the relationship to be there. Keep in contact. I’m talking phone numbers, Snapchats, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (seriously though). You don’t have to stalk them, but keeping in contact is the best thing ever.

Your college friends are very different from your high school friends. Your college friends get to see you grow into the adult you will become and help shape who you are. So if you believe this is true, why not start with that person 5 feet away from you? You might have something in common, even make a best friend too.


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