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Upcycle your DIS Starter Pack

Welcome to campus! I hope you are having an exCYting start to your Iowa State Adventure! After kicking off your Cyclone experience at Destination Iowa State, you’re now equipped with even more Iowa State apparel and merchandise than you previously acquired post-acceptance-letter. In addition to foraging instantaneous bonds by matching your peers in using your DIS treasures, I’ve collected some alternative ways you can get the most out of your lot of cardinal and gold.

The Drawstring Bag
In addition to using the drawstring as a gym or pool bag, this nylon, dual-strap, flexible bag serves as a wonderful toiletries bag. Load your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, hair product, contacts, and comb in the large pocket while keeping your toothbrush and toothpaste sanitarily sound in the secure zipper pocket.

The Fight Song Tee
This ubiquitous shirt is a great way to spread Cyclone cheer and help those following you around on campus master the fight song. The tee also can serve as your State or Lied (whichever your prefer) workout shirt or your laundry shirt. Moreover, if you feel quenched with your current supply of ISU apparel, you can turn the shirt into this sweet wall decoration:

The Frisbee
This no-swipe approach to foraging friendships is a relatively traditional practice. Rally your floor-mates or classmates and turn them into friend-mates by tossing the Frisbee to and fro on any (or all) of the vast greenspaces throughout campus. Although redundant in title (friend-mate is like saying “mate-mate,” yeah?) and expected in practice, using the Frisbee this way is a great way to exercise and bond. Should you already own a Frisbee for this purpose, consider using your Destination Iowa State Frisbee as a three-dimensional wall display or as a serving tray.

The Dot
Intended to stick on to the main button of your smart phone (namely, the iPhone, no?), you can use the Dot to distinguish between you and your roommate’s toothpaste (should you discover your similarities coincidentally – or intentionally – extend to the brand and type of toothpaste), to mark the associated lights of a given light switch (and help prevent accidentally turning on the main light when your roommate is sleeping), or to indicate the most important folder in your back pack for easy access without the need to look.

The Lanyard
While there are alternative uses, this one is just too convenient to dismiss even mere consideration: consolidating your daily wallet into the slim pouch and attaching your residence hall keys all on this single apparatus is wonderfully efficient. Note that logically sporting the lanyard around your neck may alert your peers of your academic year and thus potentially longing requests for glorious meal swipes; should you choose to do so anyway, proceed with confidence. Otherwise, feel free to tuck this handy gadget in your bag. If you’re satisfied with a different approach to carrying your ID and keys, you could alternatively use this slim wallet and easy-to-find-red-lanyard to store important or excess things that you need not carry around on a daily basis (house keys, insurance cards, punch cards from places back home, a business card you don’t remember getting but nonetheless refuse to discard, cash you’d rather not see yourself spend, etc.).

The Sweatband
If you don’t feel like sporting this while sporting, strap your sweatband around a group of socks or underwear to help keep your drawers organized.

The Map
With the nifty MyState App, you need not walk around with a physical map anymore. Instead of feeding the recycling bin, though, put this map to work by pinning the challenge to your wall. Wait, challenge?! You read correctly! How many buildings can you visit by the end of the semester? Familiarize yourself with the different resources, study areas, and meeting places throughout campus; check off the buildings following exploration to track your progress.

The Elastic Band
Defining the commonly viewed “wristband” as an “elastic band” conjures a slew of opportunities for this large Cyclone rubber band. Exercise your inner engineer (regardless of your major) and build a sling-shot, strap together all your loose pens and pencils, or preserve your favorite snack or bag of coffee.

Welcome again to Iowa State and happy upcycling!

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