My Top 10 Apps for Making College A Breeze

Did you know the average college student spends about 300 minutes just on their cell phones every day? Here are my favorite apps to use on campus to make my life a little easier.


I use Booksy because it’s great for looking up local businesses and other services to schedule an appointment for haircuts, personal trainers, and day spas.


If you are really into getting back into the gym or simply tracking your calories, MyFitnessPal is an awesome app. It can even help gauge how many calories you need to either lose weight or bulk up for these Iowa winters.


I can’t be the only one that has random ideas pop up throughout the day or need to remember something important. If you have these occurrences, try using the Notes app that comes with your phone. It is a lifesaver.


color app
Everyone needs a goof-off app to kill some time with. With numerous game modes (including a harder version of Flappy Bird), it’s a nice change of pace. Plus it helps with hand-eye coordination and there’s a color-blind function too.


Music is a major part of my identity. Playlists can create nice moods for me to vibe out to. If you like independent music/covers, Soundcloud is the way to go. Spotify is great if you want to listen to that particular T-Swift song.


Being a journalism major means I need to check social media for any news. If I want to post to my socials, Hootsuite makes it easier to post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can even schedule your post to go up at a later time.
Adding amazing facial filters to my face makes me and others laugh uncontrollably. Bitmoji adds a little spice by making a small cartoon “you” to any Snapchat you want to post.


I’m looking into being a broadcast journalist so recording my memos and scripts makes all of my stories have more validity. Plus it’s not hard to use at all.


The more you do, the busier you get which means more emails and newsletters. I need to stay on top of all my emails so linking my emails through the Gmail app is a good call on my part.


ap mobile

AP Mobile/News
Getting news is necessary for my major and looking at stories written in many different style formats makes learning how to set up stories so simple. Plus it will cover the real news that a college student needs to stay fully informed on the world.

These are the applications I tend to use the most in order to benefit me while I’m on campus. I bet you have your own arsenal of apps that you use to make college seem like child’s play. So go forth and connect with others over your app usage.

If you need me, I’ll be trying to beat my high score in Color while checking for any new Snapchats or emails. See y’all next time!

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