What being a Cyclone Aide Taught me about Myself

I remember what it was like when I first learned about the Cyclone Aide position. I knew that I was interested in finding a position on campus, especially a leadership position. Though, after I began the position, I learned that it was more than just an opportunity to show off your leadership skills. It was an opportunity to develop stronger skills. As a Cyclone Aide, I learned about my strengths as a student leader, but the best thing that I learned were my weaknesses.


Because of this, I was able to grow as a person and a team member. On a team, you are surrounded by people who have varying strengths and weakness, which balance and compliment you and your team more than you would even imagine. I have become more aware of myself, as well as others around me, while serving those who were visiting Iowa State.


My favorite part of the position was being able to answer the questions from parents about why I love Iowa State, while being able to make connections to why their student would feel that Iowa State could be home for them, too. In those situations, it was so important to be genuine and honest. This is the biggest tip I could offer for someone interested in applying to be a Cyclone Aide. Be representative of yourself, what you are involved in, and what you dream to accomplish. During the position, your red polo means a lot to visitors and prospective students. We are more than just a resource about Iowa State, but we are current students. We are the best representation of what it is like to be a student here. Everything we do and say gives a glimpse of Iowa State to these visitors. There are times I still feel the urge to point people in the right direction, or begin listing nearly every resource our university offers to my friends.

Auntera is a junior in communication studies and was a 2016 Cyclone Aide.

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