Backpack, Backpack

It’s the beginning of a new semester and that means a whole new set of classes! So what are some of my essentials that I keep in my backpack?

I keep a small pencil case in my backpack that is full of both mechanical and #2 pencils, black and blue pens, a highlighter, and colored markers for taking notes. You can never be too prepared, right? I always seem to be losing pencils, so I don’t stress knowing that I have a whole case in my backpack.

I have this really bad habit of keeping a perfect planner up until the week after midterms. So even when I “forget” my planner, I like to keep a tiny notepad in my bag that I can write down things I need to remember and then add them to my planner once I get home. However, I prefer my planners to be in the weekly and monthly form so that I can always see what my upcoming weeks are going to look like to stay ahead of the schedule.

Notebook/folder for that days class
I personally do not like to take my textbooks to class unless the professor requires it (which I have rarely had happen). I keep a folder and notebook in my backpack for the classes that I have that day, even if I use my laptop to take notes. You never know when your computer might crash or lose battery, so I think it’s good to have a small notebook for a backup plan.

Laptop and chargers
Speaking of laptops, this is what I primarily use to take notes on. Even if I only have one class for the day, I take my charger with just in case some friends want to study after class or I need to get an assignment done without having to go home because my laptop died. If I’m on campus for a while, I will also pack my phone charger. Always be prepared!

I live 2 blocks from campus, so I like to listen to music when I’m walking to class. Then when I have breaks between class I can listen to music or if someone is being noisy while I’m trying to get work done, I have them handy.
Water bottle and small snack
I like to carry a reusable water bottle with me and a small snack that will get me by until I get home from class to actually eat a meal. When my stomach starts to grumble in the middle of class, I can just pull out a granola bar to munch on! I sometimes carry $10 with me when I’m on campus so that if I happen to forget a snack or skipped breakfast/lunch, I have the option to eat on campus as well.

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