How To Survive Winter On Campus

We all know the weather in Iowa can be nasty. One day it’s 40 degrees and sunny, the next it’s a -25 degree snowstorm. Being a college student at a university, the chances of a snow day happening are pretty slim. But we have to deal with what we get and try to make the best of it. Here’s how to survive winter on campus:

  • Always keep an eye on the weather

I have found that checking the weather before going to class is a must. On top of that, looking outside to make sure it is accurate. You don’t want to be running late for the bus realizing that you completely dressed down for the day and will end up freezing.

  • Watch your step!

No matter where you are at in Ames, watch your step. Everyone slips occasionally, so learn some slick dance moves (literally) in case you do.

  • Layers

Always be prepared, even though it isn’t fun having to haul heavy clothes around. During my time here, I have learned that some classrooms are hot when it is cold outside, or some are freezing when it’s cold outside. That’s why layers are a must. Wear a shirt, a sweatshirt, and a coat. If it’s hot, take off your heavy layers, if it’s cold, keep them on. Ready for summer yet?

  • Good attitude

Brave the cold, we all have to battle through it together.

  • Boots and warm socks

It’s always nice to invest in a good pair of boots. Of course, they can still be fashionable, but the benefit is that it definitely helps that they may not soak up as much water compared to other shoes.

  • Hot drinks/hand warmers

When you’re waiting for the bus or walking around campus, get some hot chocolate or coffee. It’ll make your heart and hands happy. If that doesn’t appeal to you, hand warmers are great.


PS: Two more months until spring, 5 months until summer! 🙂

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