How Ames Weather Makes our Campus Look Better

Does anyone have any clue what is up with our weather?

First sidewalks were ice rinks. Then it was sunny enough to wear shorts. Now it rains…
Mother Nature, figure out what you want it to be so I can plan accordingly!

To give you a visual display of the weather:

Why does our weather act so complicated? My answer is this: The weather wants to showcase our campus in all its glory.

Yeah, kind of a cheesy answer but when you take a step back and look, our campus is beautiful regardless of the temperature.

Look, I’ve been around taking pictures of our campus and what it has to offer (other than snow on Mondays and spring on Thursdays) and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, the weather is a lottery but our campus is a jackpot. Check them out!


See? It doesn’t matter on the weather, because Iowa State always looks better!

There’s a reason someone once wrote a book about the history of our beautiful campus. So a little snow won’t hurt anybody!

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