by Adam

How to Rock the Walk

Walking across campus can be an art in and of itself, to be practiced, adjusted, and refined as we navigate the seasons and mature throughout the year. I presume I’m not alone in noting that I take for granted how well the Iowa State grounds crew helps ensure our safe passage from building to building by keeping the paths cleared of snow and debris. However, the ground is not the only factor that influences a journey across campus. Hence, I’ve jotted down a few tips for helping you rock the walk when traversing to class.

Walk with purpose.

When crossing campus, walk confidently. In addition to demonstrating commitment to whatever you’re doing, a purposeful stroll – especially on days you find you’re erring on the edge of late – can get you to your destination in good time without frantic running.

Keep the phone in your pocket.

I’m guilty of this one and actively working on reversing that this semester. When on my phone, I miss all the living, breathing excitement around me, including friends all around campus. The phone also poses as a safety hazard as it’s a distraction from obstacles such as pesky puddles. Furthermore, if you’re phone is out while you walk, there’s a greater risk you’ll drop and shatter screen. Thus, if you’re currently walking around campus as you read this, stow your phone away enjoy the people and scenery around you (and know that this will be here for you to pick right up where you left off when you’re at your destination).

Walk with a friend.

My walks to class always seem so much faster and enjoyable when I’m traversing with a friend.

Save the snacks for class and sip sparingly or not at all.

For the most part, walking and eating is not attractive and sipping on a hot coffee while walking is horribly difficult. Moreover, with classmates, friends, and professors walking about, you may happen upon someone you know and attempting to talk through the food you’re wharfing down is embarrassing. You deserve to enjoy that food and coffee so save both for when you arrive at your destination.

Scope out people and places as you walk.

This one goes with keeping the phone stowed away. With all this newfound attention you have when crossing campus, look around for interesting architecture, posters, and people. Our campus is full of an eclectic array of building styles, there’s always clubs and events broadcasting information, and, especially as you become immersed in more and more classes and organizations, you’re bound to see people you know when walking around.

In brief, to rock the walk, you need simply to commit to enjoying the journey!

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