by Adam

Things College Students Like

Free Stuff

With an emphasis on food but really anything.


Not everyone drinks it the same, and some prefer tea; but the coffee shops on campus tend to be buzzing with activity!

Personally Endorsing Brands

Nike, Lululemon, Patagonia, Vineyard Vines, Sperry, Under Armor and other brands flood collegiate wardrobes and walks to class.

Asserting Independence

The collegiate crowd can go either way: wildly repping a brand or standing out as an independent amidst the corporate culture.

T-shirts Acknowledging Anything from Road Trips to Club Events

And now more broadly: apparel in general.

Finding Commonality with Lists

As in, “I do love Adele, this is so me.”

Challenging Lists

As in, “I hate mac and cheese, how dare they claim I like mac and cheese.”

Lists in General

Engaging in Meaningful Work

Whether in the classroom or with an organization, college students love applying their skills to making a difference through the work they’re doing.

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