by Adam

Tales of 410 Spruce: A Foot in the Mouth

After living in seven different places over these past four years, I’m rounding out my college career with two people – Liz and Stephanie (or “Steph,” “Phan,” “Phannie,” or “Frannie”) – I met sophomore year. The three of us love walking to class, grocery shopping, decorating our walls, attending events on campus, and foraging great memories and tweeting along the way. These are the tales of 410 Spruce.

Between the three of us, Steph is most athletic roommate. She enjoys playing soccer and hockey with friends, going to the gym, and occasionally we enjoy a run outside together. Add to that: her major is Kinesiology. Sometimes her athletic drive manifests itself such that she’ll transform our multipurpose living/dining/study/entertainment room into a gymnasium. During a casual night of studying and lounging with Liz’s boyfriend, Matt, Steph decided to do just this and perform a series of headstands. This was not her first time (to the chagrin of our neighbors below – we’re sorry, we’ll try to limit the pounding on our floor/your ceiling) and honestly I’ve joined her a few times. After attempting to keep her legs up a few times, she requested I come help. Hesitantly, I went to grab her ankle; confidently, she kicked up her leg; painfully, her heel quickly met my upper lip. We both burst out laughing, my laughter muddle a tinge with blood, as I rush to the bathroom. Steph and Liz helped me mediate the situation and capture the wreckage (which really wasn’t too bad) for our Twitter account. Although the experience wasn’t the most enjoyable I’m so grateful for my roommates and I’m not saying I’d do it again but the sentiment remains. Furthermore, I hope that you too find roommates with whom you can have reckless fun.

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