by Adam

Tales of 410 Spruce: Decorating the Apartment

After living in seven different places over these past four years, I’m rounding out my college career with two people – Liz and Stephanie (or “Steph,” “Phan,” “Phannie,” or “Frannie”) – I met sophomore year. The three of us love walking to class, grocery shopping, decorating our walls, attending events on campus, and foraging great memories and tweeting along the way. These are the tales of 410 Spruce.

I moved into 410 Spruce at the beginning of this semester, taking the place of our friend Paige, who went off to inspire future generations as a student teacher. Besides a few flags and some string lights, the walls of the apartment were rather bare. My previous roommate, Ethan, and accumulation of pictures and posters and the like over the years, had prepared me well to address this blank slate. Within a few days, and increasingly so into the semester, the house became our home as we added our personality to the space:

Behind the TV, we pinned up the world map tapestry I bought my first year (money well spent!)


In the kitchen, I tacked a burlap coffee bag I got while studying abroad, a poster of Mendl’s Boxes from The Grand Budapest Hotel, and a menu from the Starbucks Reserve Roastery, that latter two of which were a gift from Ethan.


Heading up the staircase, I collaged a collection of articles my mom wrote shortly after she graduated from college and when she worked as a reporter.


In the bathroom, we complemented the elegant painting of Boy with Apple, a gift from my sister, with the entertaining landscape of Man and Sasquatch Wearing Chubbies in a Boat Bearing and Surrounded by Pineapples.



Staying scholarly a few times over, we hung an Iowa State flag, posted up an Iowa State Banner, and properly displayed a miniature cutout of Cy.



Keeping true to the Red, White, and Blue, the U.S.A. flag currently occupies a wall of its own.


Next to the door we hung a clothespin-clad board gifted to Liz by her mother to hold pictures, along with our keys, umbrellas, and reusable bags.


Serving as an oversized childhood refrigerator door, if you will, is our wall of fame: a collection of things of which we’re proud. For us, this includes pictures and awards from our respective Greek Organizations, a letter from McDonalds in response to a complaint from Liz, and – to my disgruntlement – a Jack’s Pizza package remnant.


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