My Mini-Vacation to ABQ

Let me start off by saying that I love hanging out here in Ames and I’m getting to spend an amazing summer here. But every once and while, you need a change of pace, a change of scenery. Well, at least I need one.

[That’s more like it!]

Well, one day I got the call from my best friend Ian’s mom asking me if I had a free weekend to come down and visit Ian again. I hadn’t been down there since Easter of 2014, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to go down there and see him and his family.

[Ian and I back in 2014. Man, I was young then.]

But this trip was different: Ian had just recovered from brain surgery that week and I was flying down to see him for Father’s Day weekend and all I could think about was “will Ian be okay?”

As soon as I got off the plane, all those worries left my mind as I saw Ian and his dad pull up. Ian and I had a great time trekking around Albuquerque. He showed me the sights like the University of New Mexico campus, the numerous restaurants and clothing shops, and met some of his really great friends.

We even got to write more of the projects we came up with before he moved away. It was nice to relive and reminisce over those goofier days.

[Myself, Ian and his dad watching “The Mummy” for Father’s Day]

But again, I kept thinking about Ian and if he would be okay with all the running around we were doing. It took Ian’s mom to tell me that Ian had been exhausted and bored until I arrived there.

Now none of that is to toot my own horn, but that trip made me realize something: no matter the age or distance friends have, the simplest and best thing you can do for a friend is to be there with them.

This could mean physically and emotionally, but I believe that as we grow older, being there when people need us is one of the most important hallmarks of friendships.

And in college, you are bound to make a lot of friends. But only true friends can be there without needing to be there right next to you.

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