What to Expect from Destination Iowa State

Man, I may be a senior now, but I remember heading to Destination Iowa State (DIS) and having an amazing time. This 3-day program is set up to get you and your fellow new students off on the right foot and pumped for college.

So here’s a quick list to tell you what to expect from DIS and Iowa State as a whole. And yes as you can tell, college has a lot of acronyms.

Day 1

  • Get some free ISU swag

One of the best things about DIS is all the free swag you get on the first day. It sets a tone for everyone to represent their school colors with pride and gusto in everything they do.

  • Meet people in your major

Friends come in all shapes and sizes and numerous walks of life. Your DIS group might be composed of people from your residence hall floor, making it pretty easy to make friends. The Center of ExCYtement “Ames” to accomplish just that. (Ha! See what I did there?)

  • Learn the school fight at the Kickoff

This is where the real pump-up begins! Hilton Coliseum filled to the brim with incoming students learning the fight song and cheers made me super excited for what college held in store for me.

Day 2

  • Free Pancakes!!!

Who doesn’t like free food?! Here, you can mingle a little bit more with your new friends over a good meal.

[I dare you to tell me they don’t look delicious.]

  • So much room for group activities

DIS is for both incoming freshmen and transfer students so why not get you all acquainted with how college works and how to make it easier than ever. We have seminar sections like TRANSFERmation for transfer students and “Show Me the Money” to discuss finances in college.

  • Ice breakers with floor mates

Want to meet the people you will be living with for the next year? Take advantage of these ice breaker events and meet some new friends. I still have best friends to this date who I met during one of these ice breaker events.

  • Late Night at the Memorial Union

For those of you who don’t know, ISU AfterDark is one of the most fun monthly events here at Iowa State and I’d highly recommend attending this event. You will get to do a range of activities from karaoke to making your own Frisbee and eating all sorts of free food. So Late Night at the Memorial Union is basically your first taste of ISU AfterDark.

Day 3

  • Giving Back

A major thing every student should want to do is to give back to their community in some fashion. I mean after all, we all live in this community so let’s keep it great.

  • Introducing… Michael C. Anthony!

He is a hypnotist who will need a few volunteers (maybe even you!) who are willing to be apart of his act. And let me just say that he is ready to make everyone in Hilton Coliseum laugh.

[His powers are too great!]

  • The best gym class ever!

We got Recreation Nation, where you and your fellow incoming students will get to check out our gym facilities and making the most of what State, Lied and Beyer Gyms have to offer.

How does all this sound? Great, I bet. Here at Iowa State, choosing your own adventure is much more than a catchy tagline. We really want you all to have an amazing time here and you will change for the better along the way.

So take the right first step into college and adulthood by going to DIS, because DIS really is the best. So will we see you running through this tunnel?

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