Home Sweet Home – Friley Hall

Some say it’s an endless maze, while others tend to believe it’s Hogwarts reincarnate. There are mysteries of hidden tunnels and rumors of a bathtub somewhere in the building… Regardless of what you believe to be true, Friley Hall is unlike any dormitory in the nation.

Getting inside Friley is a breeze, but finding your way around is a different ball game. Let’s assume you find your room on move-in day, now what? Find food! Friley Windows is the newest dining center on campus and, in my opinion, has the best pizza! Friley Windows is actually a revived dining center from many, many years prior. The university spent most of the 2016-17 school year renovating the space into a beautiful, new dining center! Best part is when the inevitable cold bitterness and sadness of deep fall and winter strikes (like it is RIGHT NOW), you don’t have to go outside for food! Woohoo!

After food, reality strikes and you realize you have things to get done (gahh). Don’t enjoy studying in your room? Check out some of the legit study rooms scattered throughout Friley! There are three primary rooms: Dungeons, Terrace Room, and the Plex. All three are quiet, have nice seating, and are usually pretty close to your room (depending which room you pick).

Alright, so you’ve figured out where you’re living for the next nine months, eaten food, and gotten your homework done (or some of it at least). What’s next? Oh goodness, you smell that? Yeah, that’s the ketchup and ranch mix that got on your shirt in the dining center – time for laundry! There are two laundry rooms in Friley. The main one is right next to Dungeons and the other by the Plex. Both are easily accessible! Beware of abandoned pairs of socks and underwear…

So you’ve established your life a little more at this point, what now? Ahh crud, your roommate left for class and locked you out of the room while you went to change your laundry. In this situation, you need to know where the Friley Hall Desk is! The smiley faces at the desk are just the best. They can help you with nearly anything! Funny story, I’ve actually been locked out of the room twice, once freshman year and once sophomore year. On both occasions, I was in the shower when my roommate left. If the hall desk can help a wet, begging soul out like me (twice), they can help you too!

This marks the end of our Friley Hall tour! I’m biased in saying Friley is the best dorm on campus, but because it’s fact, you can take my word for it!

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