It’s Good to be a Cyclone!

There are few times in my life where I’ve been able to confidently say, “I will never forget this until the day I die”. The homecoming football game was one of those times. From having phenomenal seats to (spoiler alert) beating the #4 team in the nation, the Cyclones don’t play around at Trice. Not only was this my favorite experience thus far at Iowa State as a student, it was enjoyed with close friends and fans that all have one thing in common: loving the Cyclones.

Homecoming week is always an incredible time at Iowa State. There is free food EVERYWHERE and some awesome school spirit to go with it! Not only are there great activities for students to get involved with, like Homecoming Committee or Yell like Hell, but professors usually lighten the homework load just a tad bit. 🙂 Friday night is capped off with an incredible fireworks show on central campus!

Now, as a big college football fan, these festivities are super fun and I enjoy participating, but all week long I’m anxious to get to Trice and see what Coach Campbell and the Cyclones bring to the table. I will say, this year has been pretty remarkable! Without nerding out too much, no one expected the Cyclones to perform at the level they are performing, especially with Coach Campbell being with the program for only two years. My prediction prior to the season was 6-6, but seeing as we’re 6-2 and sitting atop the Big 12, I am very confident (and thankful) my prediction was wrong!

The game itself was one of the hallmark experiences of my life. A good friend of mine (shout out to Ben), had some season tickets a family member wasn’t using for the game, so Ben, two other buddies, and myself had 10th row seats on the 50 yard line. If you don’t know understand the significance of that (or have never heard the term “50 yard line”), believe me, they were amazing seats. Getting to sit with other adults was a fun change from the student section too! Around us were parents of players, life-long fans, alumni, and members of the community that love their Cyclones. Also, getting to sit behind the Cyclone bench and see how jacked up the players were was filling everyone with energy!

I won’t lie, I was chewing my fingernails a little bit in the fourth quarter. Could we hang on? If they scored, would we have enough time to score again? Overtime? All of those questions were settled with a Cyclone interception with little time left on the clock! My friends and I looked at each other, and the look in our eyes told me “We’re rushing this field and it’s going to be epic.” That’s exactly what we did and that’s exactly how it was. Singing “Sweet Caroline” next to students, adults, and sweaty football players in the middle of the field in Jack Trice Stadium was something I will never forget!

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