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At one point or another, most college students will have to pick up a job during their time in school. While the reasoning varies from person to person, green is green, so here are the best ways to snag it at Iowa State.

1 | Dining Center Employee
Who doesn’t love food, right? With dining centers all over campus, it’s impossible to be too far away from a convenient location to work. Plus, working in the dining centers rewards you with a meal for every few hours you work (shout out to the no meal plan warriors).

2 | Intramural Referee
Sports: America’s greatest entertainment! No where else can you find love, hate, passion, and rivalry… for a t-shirt. As an intramural referee myself, I can testify how enjoyable the job is. From flag football outside to battleship in the pool, the flexible hours and convenient shift lengths serve as a nice study break for a few hours to make some dough.

3 | Tutor
Are you brilliant? I know I’m not, so I can pay to get a tutor (my pride always gets in the way from actually doing it!). Not only will this gig earn you some income, but it will fortify subjects that are foundational to the course of study you take (like engineering).

4 | Internships
There is one world you could hear at college on a daily basis, “internship” would be it. Internships can take you across campus, Iowa, country, or even the world! While a majority of internships span over the summer months of the year, there are some opportunities on campus to hold an internship while being a student. In one particular case, a friend of mine (shout out to CB) has a ridiculously cool marketing internship with Cyclone Athletics. Court side? Yup. On the field? You got it. Authority to send mass-emails to ISU students? Surprisingly yes. This is just one unique example of a neat opportunity – all you have to do is look!

Work doesn’t really seem like something that would be enjoyable, but I’m sure there is at least one option that intrigued you a tad bit! So next time you eye that Patagonia pullover or fresh pair of Nikes, remember your parents won’t pay for that stuff forever! Get a job. It’s for your best good. You can always check out the Student Job Board for more employment opportunities!

As the great Michael Scott once said,

“Mo’ money, mo’ problems.”

Until next time!

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