Google Calendar Saves My Life

Have you ever went about you day enjoying the weather and thinking that you have accomplished everything for the day, then received a message from someone asking “Where are you?”, “Are you still coming?”, or “You missed the meeting, where were you?” As college students, we have a tendency to lose track of time, forget our class times, or double book ourselves. I have plenty of experiences where I have forgotten about a class or a meeting and I missed it because I didn’t have any type of reminders. Operating through college life, you can find yourself occasionally stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed by an assignment and project deadlines or even exams that are approaching.

To avoid experiencing these types of emotions, I highly recommend utilizing a platform called Google Calendars. At Iowa State University, your student email is a Google account, in which you can create your Google Calendars. It is pretty simple to set up and understand. This platform has saved my life numerous times and continues to save my life. I feel like I can do anything and that I have my life together. When you use Google Calendars you will literally feel like you are making boss moves and that you are becoming a true adult. But the trick is that you actually have to use it and follow what your schedule says. Yes, that means going to class!! No more skipping class, workouts, or meetings that you don’t think are important. To be on top of your game you have to be organized and willing to follow what you put on your calendar. Yes, things come up and can impact your calendar, so that is totally understand. Things happen! *insert shrug emoji*

My Google calendars is set up to remind me about 30 minutes before the scheduled event, such as class, meetings, work, social events, and more. ¬†You can also make events that automatically repeat each week, so you don’t have re-enter them each week. Honestly, I love Google Calendars, it is really like my best friend. If Google Calendars is not your thing there are tons of different programs and platforms that you can use to make sure you stay on top of your game. The most important thing is to make sure you are organized and manage your time correctly.

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