A Look at Classrooms at Iowa State

Classrooms… There’s giant lecture halls, research labs, computer labs… and so much more!

I am here to share what typical classrooms at Iowa State look like. I’ll be focusing more so on general education and lecture classrooms today! I ran around waiting for classes to end so I could quick pop in and take these photos!

These are the types of classrooms that you are likely to see a lot in your freshman and sophomore years, and less often but still sometimes in your junior and senior years depending on your major!


First, the giant lecture classrooms.

Some popular general education courses will be held in classrooms like these. It may seem scary, but I assure you it’s not! It’s super easy to start talking to the people around you, and chances are that if you feel lost in the big space, so does everyone else. But what always happens is that the same people keep sitting in the same general spot, and you make friends fast!

My advice is to introduce yourself to the people sitting around you, as they’re eager to make friends in classes like these too!


Next, the smaller lecture classrooms.

You can expect a lot of your 200-level courses to be in classrooms like these! I suggest sitting closer to the front if it’s easy for you to get distracted.


The very typical ISU classroom.

This is what you may expect to see at Iowa State as you begin to enter your upper level courses, 200-level and above. So far, a large chunk of my classes have been in classrooms like these, which make it a good size for class discussions, classes where you may have presentations, and such! I always like these classrooms the best because it is easy to get comfortable in.


And computer labs.

The type of classes you may expect to take in classrooms like these can include English, media, research, some engineering, and others! As a journalism and mass communications major, a lot of my upper level classes were in rooms like this.


There’s lots of other kinds of classrooms that I didn’t get to touch on today, such as the workshop type classrooms or design classrooms, but I will cover that in the future so stay tuned!

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