The Best Places to Find Your Sweetheart on Campus

Okay everyone, take a deep breath. Can you feel that? That’s love in the air, y’all.

Yeah, I know you feel it. I hope everyone has a #HappyValentinesDay planned.

Now for those of us who are single, I know that you have big plans for Singles Awareness Day, but I would like to let you in on a little secret…

You can meet your sweetheart here on campus! “I know, it’s such a crazy idea,” but it can totally happen.

Consider me your romantic, real estate Mr. Miyagi because I will clue you in on places that can lead to having stories to tell the grandkids about how you two met.

  1. Reiman Gardens

It is ranked as one of the most beautiful places in all of Iowa and couples often get married there. People love to take photos of the beautiful foliage and flower arrangements. Maybe you’ll catch the eye of someone who thinks you’re as gorgeous as the entire garden itself.

  1. The M-Shop/ISU AfterDark

Between the Open Mic Nights where you can see performers who can steal your heart away and all the group activities and fun packed into ISU AfterDark, finding your sweetheart isn’t that hard. You just have to be willing to break out of your comfort zone for a little bit and cut loose.

  1. At your place of work

Generally, you’ll be working with peers around your age. Whether it is an on-campus job or one through an outside retailer/food service company, you can build rapport with your coworkers. Start hanging out when off the clock and begin to learn about each other as people. I mean you already have your answer for the obligatory “What do you do for a living” question. Starting from an even playing field makes everything so much easier for the both of you.

  1. All the Campustown restaurants and cafes

Blaze Pizza. Starbucks. Arcadia. Jeff’s Pizza. Fuzzy’s Tacos. Potbelly Sandwich Shop. Any of the dining centers. There are so many options for food on and near campus that I made myself hungry writing this. But as the old saying goes, “A way to the heart is through the stomach.” Maybe you head in to grab a bite to eat and you see someone who catches your eye, you approach casually and get their number and then the real story begins.

  1. Recreation Services and Clubs

Working out is a good foundation to a relationship. If you care for your body, you are capable of caring about another person to, especially if they are your spotter. I would consider the rock climbing wall and yoga clubs and intramural events as great places to meet the one. Plus there’s over 850+ clubs here at Iowa State; finding someone with similar interests couldn’t be any easier.

  1. Those first few weeks of class

This one should be evident because you are a student looking to meet another student. Well, that cute girl or handsome guy in your class who sits a few rows ahead of you with no one surrounding them isn’t going to bite. Go up and sit next to them. Spark up conversations about the course material. This could lead to talking before and after class, planning study “dates”, grabbing food together, working out together and even more dates if you play your cards right. Your friends might even be able to scout out some people in their classes who they think you would love to meet.┬áJust don’t feel awkward when approaching them.

Well, that’s all for today class. I hope you learned something new about finding your Ames true love. Whatever route you choose to take, go in with an open mind and self-confidence. No matter what happens, you can leave with your head held high. Because remember…

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