Midterm Exams vs Spring Break Planning

We are now in the time of the semester where midterm exams are being announced. We begin to stress over the ways to improve our grades, so that we can avoid those midterm reports on AccessPlus. But, at the same time we are eager to schedule and organize our plans for spring break. As college students, we are so ready for spring break, because of how long January feels and the exhaustion of our classes and involvements. We, as students, need a break to be able to revive ourselves to have the energy to finish out the semester. That is why spring break is so important!

But, we have to knock out these midterm exams first. There has to be a balance of studying for your exams and organizing your spring break plans. You want to make sure your grades are secure and strong before leaving for break, because you don’t want to be stressing about your grades and classes while you are on break. For example, you don’t want to be at home stressing about your classes and you can’t do anything about them until classes start up again on that Monday. Having these thoughts in your head for a whole week will only make you stress out more. So handle everything that impacts your course grade now, so you don’t have to worry about it during your break.

Now, with planning your Spring Break, please make sure you make the right decisions. Don’t put yourself in a financial situation that you can’t get yourself out of, because you wanted to “ball out.”

I have five things that you all need to consider when planning your spring break:

  1. Affordability
    • Can you afford it? Will you still be financially stable when you comeback?
  2. Transportation
    • How are you getting there? Plane ticket costs? Gas money?
  3. Lodging/Housing
    • Where are you resting your head at night? How much are they charging?
  4. Food
    • You have to eat, did you think about how much these restaurants cost?
  5. SAFETY!!
    • Make sure you aren’t going by yourself. It is always good to have someone you know and trust with you at all times.

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