New Semester Advice and Resolutions

As a senior in the Ivy College of Business at Iowa State, I wanted to start my spring semester off right by letting you know about some of the things that have helped me get to where I am today. There are definitely no restrictions on the number of clubs and activities that you can participate in, but just make sure that school comes as a priority!

In my future blogs, I will go further into depth on the topics of leadership positions, clubs, and career services. As for today, I will give a brief overview on those topics. While at Iowa State, I have been able to get involved in my service co-ed sorority, Tau Beta Sigma, as their finance ways and means chair. This position let me learn more about my major and I was in charge of merchandise for all members and this position also let me control all merchandise for the Iowa State University Cyclone Football ‘Varsity’ Marching Band. This was the first leadership position I held as a sophomore at Iowa State. All clubs in the Ivy College of Business have elected positions to help you gain leadership experience as a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary among possible other positions.

I also am a member of the Iowa State Supply Chain Management Club. In the Ivy College of Business, there is a club specifically for every undergraduate major, and these clubs will help introduce you to employers and help you learn more about your intended major with the current business environment. For the supply chain club, I have also been able to travel with them to Boeing Defense and Budweiser in St. Louis, Missouri, and also DSC Logistics and UPS in Chicago, Illinois. These trips not only benefited me by connecting me with employers and being able to see their businesses on site, but it also connected me to other ISU supply chain majors and I was able to learn from them.

Also housed in the Ivy College of Business is a great value-added service called Career Services. Their goal is to help you land an internship while at Iowa State and then a full-time job before/ when/after you graduate. There are two career fairs at Iowa State, one in the fall semester and one in the spring semester. Career Services helps advise students with workshops, resume building, mock interviews, creating resumes, negotiation skills and other services throughout the year. They even have rooms dedicated to virtual interviews and group projects so that you can put your best foot forward and be more than just a student, a professional.

Overall, it is my hope with this blog that you are more aware on all of the great activities and resources available to students at Iowa State. When choosing my adventure, I didn’t realize my full potential until joining clubs and seeing that I naturally aspired to help lead people. I not only pride myself on my leadership positions that I have been elected and selected for, but also using the resources available to all students to help them exceed their potential.

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