Iowa State’s Campus Culture

As a senior at Iowa State, I have seen over the past four years what it takes to be a successful student. Prospective students shouldn’t be scared about either how big or small Iowa State feels like. All students can agree that the resources at Iowa State sets Iowa State apart from other universities around the country!

If you come from a small town and are looking at Iowa State, you can look forward to a campus that combines nature into your daily life. Central campus is a beautiful staple of Iowa State where you can relax, study, and even hammock between classes! Besides our campus, the city of Ames, with our historic downtown area on Main Street has family-owned businesses that can satisfy your every need. Our weekly farmers market sets us apart due to our location where farmers can bring in their product from every part of the state! Overall, Iowa State and the City of Ames combines a small town feel into your everyday life so you can feel comfortable while attending Iowa State.

If you are coming from a large city and you are looking at Iowa State, Ames has a lot of the amenities that you have gotten used to from your area. Transportation around Iowa State and Ames is operated through our local bus transit system, CyRide. CyRide is fare-free for students. Besides CyRide, we also have Uber and Lyft if you prefer a different method of private transportation. Across from campus, we also have all of your urban amenities located in what we call, Campustown. We currently have lots of food options, a CVS, Copy Works, and US Bank. Other businesses are moving in across from campus in Campustown. We also have plenty of other stores located in Ames for all of your possible needs. Overall, Iowa State is perfectly positioned to let you focus on your studies, while making sure your needs are met!

The culture of a university differs between the type of university, location, and other aspects that make up a university experience in America. Whether you come from a small town, or a large city, Iowa State combines many benefits of being a large university in a small town, to make all types of students comfortable during their transition to college and during their adventure at Iowa State.

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