My Last Spring Break as a College Student

Welcome back everyone from…

Spring Break

Yeah, I bet a lot of us were like Milhouse directly after class on the Friday before break.

My first stop on my break was back to my hometown to see some of my best friends from high school and my family. It was nice because they all heard about my big news (that is for a later blog) and wanted to congratulate me. My “auntie” Debbie and Olivia are awesome hosts.

They also fed me some really good food!

[Thank you!]

Plus getting to see my old friends (we dubbed ourselves “The Oreo Squad”) is always a treat, especially because my buddy Ben was on leave from the Marine Corps. He knows that I support all that he does and I can’t wait to see him come back in town.

But the biggest part of my break was getting to head to Albuquerque to see my best friend Ian. If you read my last blog about my vacation to the ABQ, you know that Ian is someone who I look to for creative drive and energy. But after some recent news about some surgeries that took place, I had to make the trip to go see him.

My trip there was amazing as expected. Between us touring shopping centers and coffee shops to going to the gym together to starting up the screenplay for a short film he wants to direct, I honestly didn’t want to leave New Mexico for any reason.

Like I said before, “the simplest and best thing you can do for a friend is to be there with them.” Well, I would like to update that. Friends can be present, but being invested is more important. Friends can last a lifetime, but you both have to make that lifetime worth it in the long run.

Needless to say, Ian is stuck with me for a while now and I doubt he’ll complain about that.

Wherever you went, I hope you had a blast going on crazy adventures with your friends or relaxing at home with your family. As for my break, I did both!

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