Why Free Speech in College is Important

Never be afraid to speak your mind.

To many, including myself, this is a basic human right that should never be questioned. We may not agree with everything said, but it is important to know that we have the protected privilege to do so.

As a journalist, I hold myself to a higher standard so that my audience (aka YOU… hi!) can form opinions upon being properly informed.

Once you possess the correct information, go forth and share it with others.

The reason I am writing about this is because First Amendment Day is approaching and being the master of ceremonies last year was a major achievement for myself and I can’t wait to see what this year holds for all of us.

The Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication and the Iowa State Daily work super hard to make the day special for everyone, so this is my little teaser to why I find this day important.

Here is a video I produced about the Iowa State Stand-Up Comedy Club in regard to how they utilize their free speech and how the university handles these matters.

I was also fortunate to be able to speak to the university legal counsel’s Michael Norton (at the time of filming).

Thank you to everyone involved and thank you to ISUtv and Newswatch for broadcasting this package.

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