Interview with a Student Athlete

Being a senior has opened my eyes to what the future holds for us.

Where we live, where we work, how we find enjoyment in the things we do and sometimes the answers to those questions are ones we must generate for ourselves.

In this video package I filmed for ISUtv and, myself and my partner for my JLMC 315 class interviewed student athlete Chris Celona.

Celona participated in the event of hammer throw, which is not an actual hammer.

In this interview, we found out what his plans are upon walking across that stage in that cap and gown.

This is inspiring for me because this is someone who has excelled at something and plans to give back and has made that his career. He essentially is creating opportunities for himself so it is possible for anyone to find themselves a career upon graduation. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Even in a sport that doesn’t actually have a hammer.

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