Resources Available at ISU/ Gerdin Business Building

Being a student at Iowa State has many advantages and resources for students! The Academic Success Center helps students with study skills, time management, exam preparation and more! Tutors are also available in the Academic Success Center, just make sure to ask for a tutor before it’s too late in the semester!

Photo Above: Iowa State University, Academic Success Center

As a business student at Iowa State, you will have many resources available to you within the Gerdin Business Building. We currently have modern computer labs that have all required and up-to-date software that you may need, and you can use your printing credits to print in either black or color. This is a big deal for many incoming students that may not want or be able to purchase a computer and a printer before starting their adventure at Iowa State. But if you do have a computer and you are looking for Microsoft software, you will be able to get that for free as a student. Also at Iowa State, if you want to use a computer on campus but not in the library or a computer lab within your college, you can check out laptops at the library for FREE and use anywhere on/off campus!

Photo Above: Iowa State University, Parks Library

As mentioned in previous blogs, in the Ivy College of Business, we also have our own career services department, the Business Café, and our professors are all centrally located in the Gerdin Business Building. We also have a Communications Center in the Gerdin Business Building to help you with personalized coaching to improve communication skills, grammar, public speaking and more! The Ivy College of Business is a great place to be a business student because of all the resources that are available to students at any time. Another big part about being a business student is working in a team, and if the café isn’t somewhere that you feel comfortable, groups are also able to meet in the Droste Dens, pictured below, which are designed for individual/group collaboration. The Droste Dens and the Business Café also have plenty of outlets, and many classrooms also have outlets, so you never have to run out of battery!

Photo Above: Iowa State University, Gerdin Business Building, Droste Dens

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