Throwback Thursday: Freshman Year

It is Thursday and all, so I am feeling like making a Throwback Thursday blog post. This is going to be a new tradition that I take on. I think it is fun and important to reflect back on my past and how I have grown through my experiences.

The first Throwback Thursday post will be about my freshman year at Iowa State. Wow! Freshman year seems like it was extremely long ago. I began my Iowa State experience in the beginning of June 2015. Literally, it was two weeks after graduating from high school. I was in enrolled in this fantastic program called the Academic Program of EXcellence (known as APEX). APEX awarded me and 60 other students the opportunity to take summer courses and earn seven credits. I met some great people through this program and that contributed to my growth as a person. I learned about different identities, such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender just through conversations with other APEX students.

Many people will tell you that I came in full of energy and with a big bright smile. I was truly excited about beginning my collegiate journey. Actually, I was mostly excited about leaving home, being on my own, and free from my parents. I was so eager to move in, meet new people, and create a foundation for myself. I was an outspoken person where I would not be afraid to speak about how I felt or what was going through my mind. I have learned through my freshman year that you have to be aware of your surroundings and understand time and space. There were some occasions where my mouth would get me into some trouble, but I learned quickly.

People loved me for the energy that I brought, but could not handle the amount of energy. I was an over-energized freshman, people would have to whisper in my ear to calm down. For example, when the Black Student Alliance would have our Sunday dinners or social events, people would be like “someone come get they boy, he is doing the most right now.” Especially if music was blasting through the Black Cultural Center, now named Dr. George A. Jackson Black Cultural Center,  I would be dancing throughout the main floor.

A lot of my energy came from being around people, I am an extremely extroverted person. No matter where I was you could catch me dancing, even if there was no music playing. At random times of the day, I would just have this urge to start milly rocking. Some people thought there was something wrong with me during my freshman year. But aye I was just being myself! I would like to think that Kevin Hart is my spirit animal just saying. *shrug emoji*

Shout out to everyone that contributed to my growth and memorable moments during my freshman year! Much love!

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