by Abby

Dorm Room Tour!

Having a place you look forward to coming back to at the end of every day is so very important. My roommate and I knew that we wanted to make our dorm room as cozy and welcoming as possible, and since we’re both design students at Iowa State we had a lot of fun going all out with it. Decorating our dorm in this way has made a world of difference and I can honestly say that I miss my dorm every time I go back to Minnesota! So, today I’d like to give you a little tour of our home and hopefully give you some inspiration for your own dorm.


A Panoramic view from the door! The carpet, chairs, and bedding are all from the one and only Ikea. 


Notice how our coffee maker is conveniently located right next to my bed…


Easily removable Command Strips are our best friends. 


A multitude of mirrors in varying sizes and our lovely Aromatherapy Diffuser adorn the vanity. 


My roommate’s desk has inspirational post-its and pictures galore- and she actually made that cool Iowa State decor!


My desk features many web design books and cross stitching supplies.


We love our brick wall very much! Also, we took the two chairs that came with our room and covered them in a blanket to create additional seating for guests. Or for reading while dramatically looking out the window. 


Little decorations like pillows, string lights, Polaroid pictures, and inspirational quotes can really make a room more cozy. Strategically placed mirrors can also make the space feel bigger along with keeping everything relatively picked up and organized.

Helser is unique because all of the rooms have built in storage/closets on one wall of the room. We’ve really enjoyed that feature!

If you have any questions about how we decorated our room or what it’s like living in Helser, I’d love to discuss it further! The most important thing is that your dorm feels like home and becomes someplace you look forward to returning to at the end of every day.

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