I Graduated!!!

Well, I did it folks. After four long (that flew by super fast) years, I graduated!












What would graduation be without a couple thank yous? I know, I can practically hear the groans and feel the eye rolls but bear with me!

To my favorite professors,

If you ever read this, I think you know who you are. You are the professors that encouraged my love for learning. From animal science to business and every odds and ends class in between, you impacted my adventure at Iowa State. You are all incredible and I hope future students find the same joy I found in learning from you, and get the opportunity to get to truly know you.

To Lutheran Campus Ministries,

Thank you for being my home away from home (literally). One cannot even count the number of amazing memories that I have that were made within those ULC walls. So many amazing people have come into my life thanks to you. Thank you, for being a crucial part of my Iowa State adventure.

To Cyclone Life,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for being my creative outlet in my science and number filled world. Thank you for giving me such fun coworkers and bosses to get to know and work with over the years. Thank you for every delectable treat made by our boss that I looked forward to at the end of each year. Just kidding (kinda), but seriously, thank you for all the amazing opportunities this work study provided me.

To the Dairy Science Club,

Thank you for the countless memories, endless laughter, incredible friendships, and amazing opportunities you brought into my life. Sure, there were numerous occasions I wanted to strangle certain club members (*cough cough* ADSA Trip *cough cough*) and even more times I walked into the reading room planning to get work done and walked out two hours later with absolutely nothing done, but I thank you for that! You helped me grow as a person and a professional. You introduced so many amazing people into my life and gave me so many opportunities. I hope you find a new club mom cause trust me, you’re going to need one (*wink wink*). But seriously, you are a central pillar in my adventure at Iowa State, and I can’t thank you enough for that.

To my best friends,

You know who you are! Thank you for listening to every rant, ramble, random idea, and story. Through every random adventure, study session, and grueling class, you have been there. Thank you for the amazing memories we’ve made through our adventures at Iowa State. There’s that quote that floats around that says, “you go to college to find your bridesmaids, not your groom,” and trust me, I found mine.

To my mom and dad,

My therapists, consultants, proof readers, GPS, go to when Google fails me, and biggest supporters, thank you! You have been there every step of the way. From moving me into my dorm to moving me out of my apartment, you have been there. You were only a phone call away (give or take a few no-answers) when questions and troubles arose. Thank you for your endless support and, above all, tolerance every step of the way.

To Iowa State,

Oh, where do I begin? Thank you for your gorgeous and historical buildings. Your breathtakingly gorgeous campus (especially in the fall). Thank you for your amazing resources that serve your students. Thank you for your amazing sports teams (even when they aren’t that amazing) and the atmosphere they bring to Hilton and Jack Trice. Thank you for the overall student experience you create. You created a Cyclone that will always remain loyal and forever true.



















So what’s next you ask? Well, thank you for asking! This fall, I will be attending graduate school at the University of Nebraska Lincoln to pursue a master’s degree in ruminant nutrition. I’m excited for this next step and know that Iowa State prepared me well.

Well, for one last time, Good Luck Cyclones! I guess I’ll see ya around…









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